Ho! Ho! Ho!

Circuit Breaker gains some Christmas Spirit.

Generation One (Marvel UK) > Issue # 41
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Marvel UK issue #41

Writer: James Hill
Pencils: Will Simpson
Lettering: Starkings
Colours: Hart
Editor: Rimmer



"Someone's aft is gonna burn for this".

While Circuit Breaker recounts her origin and her hatred for robots, the Autobots are arranging a makeshift Christmas celebration for Buster Witwicky in the Ark. A metal Christmas tree has been constructed, Optimus Prime is wearing a Santa Claus costume, and decorations and banners are hung from the ceiling. Prowl finds the whole charade a waste of time, especially while the Decepticons are weak, and Jazz doubts that humans are capable of charity due to his recent encounter with Circuit Breaker. Realizing it's getting late, Buster has Jazz drive him to St. Petersburg, a suburb of Portland, to finish delivering his dad's Christmas presents.

G1 Jazz ChristmasBreaker

The ghost of Christmas naughtiness?

While children are skating on an icy pond in St. Petersburg, a young girl falls through the ice, and Circuit Breaker is nearby to rescue her. However, her appearance causes her to be attacked as a freak by other passers-by. Enraged, she flies off and stumbles upon Jazz and Buster. As she attacks Jazz, only Buster's pleas for mercy (because it is Christmas) cause her to leave. Jazz finally understands the meaning of Christmas and human goodwill.



Items of note

  • The first of the UK Comic's regular Christmas Issues.
  • The cover features Optimus Prime dressed up as Santa Claus.
  • This is the only UK-only story to feature Circuit-Breaker (not counting her cameo in The Wrath of Grimlock!.
  • In the US storyline, the eleven Autobots who were ambushed by the Decepticons in "Prime Time!" were knocked off-line and remained inert in the repair bay for over a dozen issues (most didn't reappear until "Totaled!", over two years later.) The divergent UK storyline, however, has them still up and running -- Prowl, Huffer, and Jazz all appear in this and subsequent UK stories.
  • Apparently, Soundwave was away for the holidays, as Ratchet was in charge of the Letters Page for this issue only. It is referred to at "Rat-chat" instead of "Sound-waves".
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