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Christopher Collins, a.k.a. Chris Latta (August 30, 1949 - June 12, 1994) was an American actor, voice actor, and comedian. Though typically credited under his stage name Chris Latta, he was occasionally credited under his given name. Some of his non-Transformers roles include Cobra Commander and Gung Ho from G.I. Joe, Darkstorm and Cravex from Visionaries, D'Compose and Tendril from Inhumanoids, the Klingon Captain Kargan in Star Trek: The Next Generation, the Sandman from Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends and the original voice of Mr. Burns and Moe from The Simpsons.

Latta led something of a checkered lifestyle, the details of which are not fully known, but which anecdotes and stories by members of the Transformers cast and crew have hinted at. Flint Dille has claimed that he and other members of the production staff had to frequently bail him out of jail; on at least one occasion Latta claimed that he had simply been jaywalking. Latta died in Ventura, California, his cause of death officially recorded as a cerebral hemorrhage following a long illness. Although his contemporaries speak fondly of him when asked at various BotCons, there have been several cryptic comments made that suggest there is more to the story of his death - Peter Cullen remarked that he was a victim of Hollywood's tendency to "devour its young"[1], Susan Blu said that Latta was "a sweet guy who had his demons",[2] and Flint Dille noted that Latta "died, and we never really found out how."

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