Chris is Wilder's special friend from the Super-God Masterforce portion of Generation One continuity family.
Chris mf

For a member of a dangerous motorcycle gang, he sure looks like he's about to burst into "Somewhere Out There"...

Chris is a juvenile delinquent with a gentle side. When he was younger, Chris and Wilder founded the Jack Boys motorcycle gang together. Chris loved riding all night with the leatherclad compañeros. They were free, and it didn't matter what society thought of them!

All that came to an end when the Cool Guys rode into town, and kicked the Jack Boys out. Wilder became obsessed with revenge, eventually allying himself with the Decepticons, and Chris distanced himself from the gang.


Super-God Masterforce cartoon

Voice actor: Hiroshi Takemura (Japanese)

The Jack Boys kidnap Chris to bring him back into the gang. He refuses to rejoin the much-hurt Wilder, saying that he's become obsessed with power and forgotten about the very people he sought power to protect.

Chris's sister Mary witnessed his kidnapping, and brought the Autobot Headmaster Juniors (who were visiting America) to rescue him.

Afterwards, the Autobot Headmasters Juniors invited Chris and Mary to their farewell barbecue, and Cab ate all the food.

The end! Go, Goshooter - Showdown in the Wasteland

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