Built like a brick Winnebago. No, not that kind of brick, stupid.

Choro-Q is a brand of toy cars with pull-back motors owned by TakaraTomy. Unlike typical toy cars, they are not accurately-proportioned miniatures, but rather super deformed to make them cuter. They were introduced to the Japanese market in 1979, and were once sold in Western markets under the name Penny Racers. They were an immediate hit, to the extent that after only a few years, they found their way to Takara's Microchange line as common household objects for Microman-scale robots to be disguised as. This is the reason why the Generation One Autobot Mini-cars look completely different from the standard Autobot cars.

For the 20th anniversary of Choro-Q in 1999, Takara released a line of Choro-Q proportioned robots. It rapidly grew into a multi-property brand with three sublines: "Come Back" series (named after the "Come Back Choro Q Robo Spirit!!" set that inaugurated the line) for licensed robots, Transformers, and Web Diver.



Dr. Metallic Convoy and TV's Convoy like to subject abducted employees to cheesy movies.

The toys transform (simplistically) from full-fledged Choro-Q vehicles to their robot modes. Megatron's vehicle mode is a chibi Walther P38 that can zoom across smooth surfaces alongside your other Choro-Q toys. Seriously.

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