"You don't want us on this rock, and we don't wanna be here. So what's the glitch, coppers?"
―Chop Shop to Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Strongarm before using the Fixit right arm to punch them. [src]

Chop Shop is a Decepticon Combiner who steals various things he needs or desire. Chop Shop can split into 5 different spider-like robots of his limbs and can easily get away from any law enforcers. On Cybertron, his criminal record led him into being imprisoned on the Alchemor.


Robots in Disguise

Season 1

Chop Shop was one of the Decepticon prisoners aboard the Alchemor before the ship crash-landed on Earth. After escaping from his captivity, Chop Shop began stealing and scrounging the parts he needed to construct a spacecraft to return to Cybertron and was able to set up a makeshift base in an abandoned building. His thefts included copper wiring, kerosene, heating components, and computer chips. The next component Chop Shop required was an aircraft gyroscope. In More than Meets the Eye, Chop Shop visited a nearby airfield and began tearing apart a plane to find the component he needed. However, he was intercepted by Bumblebee. Chop Shop broke apart into his components and attacked Bumblebee. When Bee's team arrived, a few of Chop Shop's components started to attack them as well. When Grimlock attempted to intervene, he ended up getting zapped like the other Autobots. Before the Autobots could stop Chop Shop, each of Chop Shop's limbs hopped into a nearby manhole and escaped with the gyroscope.

Later, Chop Shop infiltrated a manufacturing plant to steal liquid oxygen. His limb components began filling a tanker truck with the chemical, but the Autobots intervened again. Since Strongarm was holding down his right arm component, Chop Shop found a replacement arm which he grabbed onto Fixit and jams the Mini-con onto his right shoulder. With Fixit as his new limb, Chop Shop swiftly took out Strongarm and commandeered the truck, escaping from the scene. However, the Autobots tracked Chop Shop back to his base. While two of his components continued to work on the ship, the rest of Chop Shop angrily confronted his pursuers, demanding why he could not simply leave the planet like some of the Autobots wanted. Before they could answer him, he began fighting against them with Fixit, quickly gaining the upper hand. Chop Shop incapacitated Sideswipe and Strongarm then he grabbed onto Bumblebee and began electrocuting him. Meanwhile, Denny Clay attempted to take out one of Chop Shop's separate parts with a crowbar, but the blow failed and the component began to chase Denny. As Chop Shop was about to finish Bumblebee off, Bumblebee convinced Fixit that the team needed him. Fixit was able to get control over Chop Shop and began punching him around. After being punched repeatedly by his new right arm, Chop Shop released Fixit from his shoulder and was punched by Bumblebee into the tanker truck where he became frozen with the liquid oxygen. The majority of Chop Shop was placed in a rebuilt stasis cell, but one of his arm components managed to flee from capture and remained at large.

In Even Robots Have Nightmares, Righty eventually sneaked into the scrapyard to try and free the rest of Chop Shop, only to be abducted by Nightstrike who subjected it to its worst fears and put it in a cocoon to feed on. Later, Bumblebee freed Righty from the cocoon and asked it to help protect Denny and Russell from Nightstrike. Initially, the spider sought to just scutter off, but it came upon a discarded bucket of paint and tossed it at the vampiric 'Con to temporarily blind it. The debt paid, Righty departed.

Righty later returned to the scrapyard to liberate Chop Shop in The Trouble with Fixit. It had more success this time, though it had to hide from the Autobots every once in a while. Once freed, Chop Shop praised and reattached Righty before grabbing some Energon cubes in his escape. Chop Shop's escape was complicated by Fixit, who was rebooted to sentry mode. Eventually, the combiner came close to escaping from the scrapyard but was blocked by Bumblebee. Chop Shop attempted to stomp on Bee but was shot out of his form by Fixit. Fixit was about to deactivate him permanently before Denny switched off his sentry mode. Chop Shop was fully placed back into a stasis pod afterwards.


Chop Shop specks in a cockney accent, he will do anything to get what he wants.

Powers and Abilities

As five spider-like robots, they can porch on the enemy with ease, their primary ability is generating red electricity to harm foes, they can also fire a spark of electricity from their antennas and fire blue light from their heads, they can combine to form Chop Shop at will.

In his combined robot form, Chop Shop posses a great deal of strength, being able to send Strongarm flying with one punch, he can also use any Mini-Con for a limb, he is also shown to be a skilled fighter, he can also grab the enemy and shock them with red electricity.


Robots in Disguise


  • Chop Shop seems to have a cockney accent.
  • Chop Shop is the first and only Decepticon to have a pair of four eyes.
  • Righty is the first Decepticon in the series to evade capture that doesn't join up with Steeljaw's Pack.
  • He is labeled as an Insecticon, but not affiliated with the Insecticons.
  • Righty is the only component of Chop Shop to be named.
  • Chop Shop and Filch seem to like "collecting" things of value or to their taste.


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