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Chip is a human character from the Generation One continuity family.

Mein Führer, I can valk!

Chip Chase is a human ally of the Autobots and Spike Witwicky's best friend. Suffering from some unknown malady, Chip uses a wheelchair. He isn't defined by his disability though, but rather by his geeky, genius-level skills with computers, programming, and electronics.

He can stand up occasionally. He also has tremendous upper body strength.



Cartoon continuity

The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Michael Horton (English), Keiichi Nanba (Japanese)
RollForIt TheInternets

In 1984, the internet was only used by nerds to complain about how terrible Transformers was.[1]

Chip Chase came to the attentions of the Autobots as a friend of Spike Witwicky and the whiz behind Dr. Alcazar's antimatter formula project. Though the Decepticons stole the antimatter formula, Chip memorized the data.

Chip has a remarkably advanced (or at least ridiculously expensive) desktop computer for 1984. It contains, among other things, a 16 Million color monitor (Chip's view of the Decepticons was no different than Prowl's), a microphone, dial-up networking, speakers, and a sound card that could interpret Prowl's speech. Maybe he's friends with Ethan Zachary.

RollForIt FloppyDisk destruction

Holy crap, man.

Chip once tore a floppy disk apart with his bare hands. Roll For It This may explain why Optimus Prime is keen to stay in his good books. His superhuman abilities shine when he correctly identifies Skywarp's missile is of the heat-seeking variety before it even does anything to suggest as such.

Chip is a graduate of Yal University, is able to survive acid rain Divide and Conquer, is able to stand (despite the wheelchair) The Autobot Run, and once saved the world by getting Thrust to shoot Teletraan I. Megatron's Master Plan, Part 2

He once told a group of Autobots that "No one is really disabled as long as they have courage." If any human was an illustration of this, it's Chip Chase.

Scramble City


Chip can't stand (ha ha) to face the badly-drawn Carly.

Chip can be seen alongside Spike, Sparkplug and Carly, helping to construct Autobot City.


When Prowl's Laser Core was lost to subspace in a GT Transfer accident (a technology he himself helped to create), Chip Chase volunteered to sacrifice his very own soul in order to breathe life into the now-lifeless Prowl-2, stating "Twenty years ago, we met thanks to an online message from you. Your battle computer was down, and in its place, I—" Roll For It while something flashed in the back of his mind: "Your intelligence and personality are already in this frame. In which case..." With the help of Ratchet and Wheeljack, Chip's consciousness was transported into Prowl's frame. The new entity created in this fusion is virtually indistinguishable from Prowl's old persona, thanks to copies of the original Prowl's Memory Core and Datatrax, while a separate neurocomputer handles Chip's thought processes. Meanwhile, Chip's real body is stored in stasis in an EDC medical facility.

Transformers The Game

He apparently owns a chain of fast food burger joints (named "Chip Chase's", oddly enough) with his face on the packaging. Wonder if the TV ads are as creepy as the ones featuring the Burger King.


  • Chip and Carly never appeared in the same episode during the entire US run. Coincidence!? Shocking dual identity!? (Or maybe the two of them just can't stand to be in the same room for whatever reason...) The only time they're both seen on screen is near the beginning of "Scramble City". Blink twice and you'll miss 'em.
  • Although last seen in "Scramble City" and being absent through the entirety of the series' third season, the producers of the Japanese-exclusive Headmasters apparently had plans to include an adult version of Chip in the series' first episode. A character design of an adult Chip can be seen in the Transformers Generations reference book and The Ark II Japanese character models book.
  • He may easily be the most advanced human who ever lived.
  • There are times in separate episodes where his eye color is either shown as brown or blue.
  • In the console version of the Movie game, there is a fast food place called "Chip chases" on the maps the suburbs and the hunt for Sam Witwicky. It has a picture of his face on the front of the building.
  • Like Sparkplug, Chip was completely phased out of the rest of the series.

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