Chip is a small flying drone, constructed from part of Laserbeak's transponder and spare parts from the machine shop in the Autobots' base. It's flown partially by remote control.

Transformers: Prime


Smokescreen managed to hit Laserbeak, shooting off the business end of the drone's transponder. After Soundwave kidnapped Ratchet, Raf was able to determine that the transponder was trying to "call home", and the plan was hatched to construct a drone to try and lead the Autobots to the Nemesis. Raf and Wheeljack soon had the drone put together, and Raf dubbed it "Chip". On its maiden flight, it almost took Agent Fowler's head off before flying around the hanger, though Raf claimed he was still fine-tuning the remote control. 


The Autobots launched Chip with Optimus Prime tailing it from a distance. They hoped Optimus would get close enough to the Nemesis before the Decepticons detected the probe, however once the Decepticons detected Laserbeak's transponder, Starscream was dispatched with his Seekers to intercept. While the Seekers attacked Optimus, Starscream destroyed Chip.


  • Chip is possibly a reference to Chip Chase from the G1 cartoon, who was a character much like its creator, Raf.



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