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China is a country on Earth, occupying land to the west of Japan.

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The Transformers cartoon continuityEdit

Kiss PlayersEdit

Marissa Faireborn's childhood friend Shaoshao Li was a typical example of a Chinese-American. A Chinese-American who always wears silk and a padlock around her neck.

Super-God Masterforce animeEdit

Orphans Cancer and Chang were raised in mainland China and attended martial arts classes together. Cancer was doted on by their master, who taught him the ancient secret of the "Super Dragon Fist" (超竜拳), a devastating kick attack.

When Cancer, who had joined the Decepticons, learned that Black Zarak was going to attack China, he stole a helicopter and flew there to warn them, with limited success. God Ginrai - Save Cancer!?

Transformers Animated cartoonEdit

According to Isaac Sumdac, the Soundwave toys were made in China.


  • In the real world, China has a long and storied relationship with the Transformers brand. This is due in no small part to its plentiful and inexpensive manufacturing plants, as well as the frequency with which molds will disappear from those plants only later to turn up in the form of knockoffs. In Japanese Transformers fiction, Chinese characters feature prominently (albeit subject to wildly inaccurate Japanese stereotypes of Chinese culture).

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