Chief Turan is a human in the cartoon portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Fighting crime in a future time two five years ago!

Chief Turan is apparently the Chief of Police of New York City[1] in the year 2006. He sometimes works with the Autobots on police matters.


Cartoon continuityEdit

Voice actor: Buster Jones (English), ? (Japanese)

In 2006, members of Victor Drath's criminal syndicate staged explosions across New York City in an attempt to cover their theft of some Newtronium. After Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus foiled their heist, Chief Turan was interviewed about the bombings, and refused to comment on the relationship of the activities because the police had only just begun their investigation. He did, however, thank the Autobots for their assistance in preventing casualties.

Some weeks later, the police received an anonymous tip regarding the case. Chief Turan was skeptical about it, but brought it up during a video conference with the Autobots, who decided to follow it up. Even if it was a trap, like Turan felt it was, Victor Drath was, after all, only human. What could he possibly do to Transformers?

What indeed. Only Human

Note: Turan apparently felt that Victor Drath was involved with the bombings and attempted robbery, as Springer mentioned Drath's name with some unfamiliarity during the video conference, suggesting Turan had previously mentioned it to the Autobots off-screen.


  • According to the Sunbow Cast List for the episode, Chief Turan (listed as "POLICE CHIEF") is "50-ish".
  • The actual Chief of Police of New York City in 2006 was Raymond W. Kelly, who continued to hold the post until December 31, 2013. His outfit was not nearly as fancy.


  1. The city that the events of Only Human occur in is not explicitly named in the episode. However, all of the rescue vehicles in the opening sequence have NY- designations (such as NYPD and NYFD), which are NYC-specific.
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