CampCody Chickadee full body

Don't be fooled by her country-isms and friendly facade: Chickadee is a ruthless con artist who will do whatever it takes to get what she wants, no matter who stands in her way.

She also drives a sweet dune buggy.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Camp Cody"

Chickadee was the first to welcome Blades, Cody and Graham to Camp Itsa Craftsee. She was immediately suspicious of Blades in his holographic disguise, though she was happy to show them around the camp. The only activities, however, were making crafts or delivering packages to the post office. That night at the camp singalong she was unsurprised when Blades, who had been pretending to be Swedish, accidentally spoke in perfect English. To distract Chickadee from wondering what else Blades might be hiding, Graham told a story of local bandits who had lost a sackful of emeralds in the nearby hills. This prompted Blades to recall the green rocks he had seen earlier. Upon hearing about the 'green rocks', Chickadee quickly sent everyone to bed. She was later found by Graham, Cody and Blades wandering around the hills, apparently looking for a lost camper. When Blades didn't cooperate with her, she revealed that she had been selling the crafts the campers made online and pocketing the money, and that she intended to find the emeralds and take them for herself. She then used dynamite to cause a cave in, trapping the three inside. When the Rescue Team arrived to arrest her, she escaped in her dune buggy, but seeing Blades flying with his hologram engaged so startled her that she crashed into a tree and was easily caught.

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