BotToTheFuture ChesterAArthur

Chester A. Arthur was the 21st President of the United States. A hologram of him curates the Hall of Inspiration in Griffin Rock.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Christmas in July"

The hologram was part of Doc Greene's float during the Lobster and Technology Festival. Flobsters on Parade The hologram was active when Doc Greene, Cody and Frankie paid a visit to the Hall to retrieve the weather machine from the "Best Left Forgotten" room.

"Small Blessings"

When Graham Burns took Cody and Boulder to the Hall to carry out a safety inspection, Boulder thought the hologram was a real human, until Cody showed him it wasn't.

"The Haunting of Griffin Rock"

Doc Greene, Cody and Frankie momentarily mistook the Chester A. Arthur hologram for a ghost and used the Doc's Spectral Vapor Filter on it. When the device had a similar effect to the one it had on the so-called ghosts infesting the town, the trio realized the "ghosts" might be holograms too.

"Bot to the Future"

Finding themselves in an alternate timeline in which Doctor Morocco ruled "Moropolis", Cody and Frankie visited the Hall and activated a rather irritable version of President Arthur. They managed to get him to fill them in on how Morocco had changed history so they could later go back and fix it.

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