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The name or term Cheetor refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Cheetor (disambiguation).

If you need someone to sneak into Decepticon strongholds and steal their precious data, Cheetor is the first one to step up and get the job done. The only thing more impressive than his skills and track record is his ego. Smug and self-confident, Cheetor loves the praise he gets from a completed mission, and is always ready with a sharp retort to put others down just to make himself look better.


Dreamwave comics continuity[]

Armada comics[]

During the battle with Unicron, Cheetor—along with Rhinox, Airazor, and Terrorsaur—was captured so that Unicron could cull their memories and learn what had preceded his arrival. The End


OOH Tough Guy

Energon comics[]

Ten years later, Cheetor returned, changed from an energetic young warrior into one of the Chaos Bringer's Four Horsemen—complete with a horse. He and the other Horsemen attacked Cybertron, retreating only when Optimus Prime was granted the Spark of Combination and overwhelmed them in his newly enhanced body What Lies Beneath, Part 2.

His former Mini-Con partner, Cliffjumper, desires to see her partner returned to normal, personality flaws and all.




NO bad kitty! Stay back!

  • Cheetor w/ Cliffjumper (Super-Con, 2003)
    • Accessories: Tail-whip
A retooling of the Beast Wars Transmetal Cheetor, Armada Cheetor transforms into a robotic cheetah and has a third "flight" mode with fold-out rocket boosters in his cat-mode sides. His tail becomes a battle whip in robot mode. The rocket boosters are Powerlinx plugs, suitable for Mini-Cons with sockets on their vehicle-mode back-ends, like his pack-in partner, Cliffjumper, or the Space Mini-Con Team's Sky Blast.
This mold was also used to make Beast Wars Metals Ravage and BotCon 2001's Tigatron.

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