This article is about the SWAT Team Autobot from Energon. For the Mini-Con from Cybertron, see Checkpoint (Cybertron).

Checkpoint makes up one half of the Autobot S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons And Tactics) Team, partnered with Prowl. His job is to take the fight over energon directly to the Decepticons, crushing their strongholds and depots, a much more aggressive stance than the Autobots' normal tactics.


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  • Autobots S.W.A.T. Team (Mega-class set, 2004)
    • Accessories: Missile launcher, flame-missile
Available only in a K-Mart exclusive two-pack with a S.W.A.T.-deco'ed Prowl, Checkpoint is a redeco of Energon Rodimus, transforming into a rocket-powered Cybertronic longnose truck cab. He can also form the top or bottom half of a larger robot mode, compatible with any Energon Combat- or Mega-class Autobot combiner robot. He comes with a large flame-cannon with spring-loaded "flame" missile.



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  • Checkpoint (Booster, 2007)
    • Attacktix ID number: TF09
Part of the canceled second series of Attacktix Booster Packs, Checkpoint was to be (of course) a redeco of the series-one Attacktix Rodimus piece, which fires a standard Attacktix missile. A "Super Rare" 20-point "Specialist"-class figure, his Special Power "Capture" would have allowed the player to take control of a specific class of figure (ie. Warrior) for the remainder of the game... but which type we may never know.

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