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Chase the Mysterious Capsule is the second episode of Beast Wars Neo. It first aired in Japan on February 10, 1999 on TV Tokyo.



The Maximals head to the planet Godbless where they meet up with the Predacons and a strange floating mountain that holds the secret to the first Angolmois capsule.


On the planet Godbless, the local cat-people watch in horror as a nearby mountain rises off the planet's surface and straight up into the stratosphere. The Gung Ho comes out of warp-space and approaches the planet. NAVI informs the Maximals that the planet has no moon, yet there is a large mountain orbiting the planet. The Maximals go to investigate when suddenly an enormous, ghost-like image of a Maximal Elder appears in front of the ship. The specter claims to be the god of Cybertron and warns them that they are not welcome on the planet, as it is a holy place. Big Convoy and his recruits suddenly suffer a mild case of electric shock and fall to the floor immobilized as the entity vanishes. Recovered, they choose to press on. Close by, the Dinosaur monitors all the action. Saberback radios Magmatron and informs him that his magic illusion of the god of Cybertron successfully spooked their enemies. Before he disappeared, Galvatron apparently informed Magmatron that the Angolmois Energy had limitless possibilities. In this case it caused the mountain to float into the sky as well as amplify Saberback's magic to appear as whatever god people believe in. While the Maximals saw a Maximal Elder, the inhabitants of Godbless saw their own god. The inhabitants were apparently suprred to bring a special oil they made from oranges to the base of the floating mountain as an offering. Saberback suggests they steal that, too. On the planet's surface, Cohrada and Longrack scope things out, not able to get close enough to the floating mountain. There they find the stack of oil sitting out in the open. Cohrada attempts to help himself but instead gets a bite on the tail from one of the locals. The cat-kid explains that their race is called the Meke and their cat god suddenly appeared the other day demanding oil. Longrack and Cohrada realize it's a Predacon trick and report back to Big Convoy, who's busy repairing the Gung Ho with the rest of the Maximals. Suddenly, a tractor beam shines down from the mountain and begins to pull up all the cases of oil. Seeing an opening, Longrack rushes into the tractor beam and heads toward the mountain. Cohrada reluctantly follows. Saberback watches them ride the beam from a monitor and decides to scare them a second time. Upon reaching the mountain, Cohrada notes nothing out of the ordinary. Then, suddenly, the giant god of Cybertron returns and begins marching in their direction, crushing everything beneath him. Cohrada doesn't understand how the hallucination can be real enough to crush boulders. Longrack deduces that it's their belief in the god which grants it physical force. Longrack orders Cohrada to clear his head and not think of anything. Easier said than done; the god continues to advance. Eventually they stop fearing it and the spirit vanishes. Immediately, Saberback makes haste back to the Dinosaur with the Angolmois capsule in hand, but Cohrada and Longrack in pursuit. DNAVI teleports the rest of the Predacons as back-up just as Big Convoy and the Maximals arrive to give their teammates a hand. After a quick game of football with the capsule, the Maximals leave with the prize and the Predacons are left in a smoking crater. Without the Angolmois energy, the mountain destabilizes its orbit and safely touches back down on the planet. The Maximals return the oil to the Meke and head off after the next capsule.


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Maximals Predacons Others

Mekes (1)

Capsule score

Maximals: 1
Predacons: 0


Technical/Animation Glitches

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Continuity errors

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Transformers references

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  • Saberback's illusion combined with the Angolmois energy caused people to see whatever God they worshipped. So, with that in mind, the implication seems to be that the Maximals view the Maximal Elders as gods? Perhaps the illusion simply caused them to view authority figures?








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