The Chaos Trinity is a faction from the Dreamwave portion of the Generation One continuity family. They're really spooooky.

"...vengeance upon Skywarp until he returns our lunch money!"

The Chaos Trinity was a trio of Transformers who sought to control the dark forces of the universe and use them to their advantage. Though Cybertronian society accepted a degree of mysticism due to their divine origins, the Chaos Trinity dabbled in forbidden practices such as dark science. Their ambition and curiosity drove them to the point that they made a deal with an agent of darkness himself. Their members include:


Dreamwave continuity

After the disappearance of Optimus Prime and Megatron in a space bridge accident, the Autobots and the Decepticons fractured among various factions, and the Great War degenerated into one massive turf dispute. During this time, Bludgeon, Mindwipe, and Bugly came together to play Dungeons and Dragons control the powers of darkness for their benefits. When The Fallen arrived, he used them as his agents to spread chaos on Cybertron, forcing the factions to focus on each other. The Fallen then dispatched them to gather four specific Transformers with unique sparks that the Fallen would use to open the Seal of Primus. The Chaos Trinity first struck when Shockwave and Jetfire, their intended target, met in the Neutral Territories to discuss the inter-faction escalation. Bludgeon and Bugly quickly dispatched Shockwave, while Mindwipe placed Jetfire in a trance. They had expected Grimlock, another target, to show, as they had sent information on their meeting to him, making it appear that Jetfire was defecting. He didn't show up, so they decided to leave.

Grimlock jumped out from the shadows and proceeded to beat the slag out of them. The Fallen was forced to pull their tailpipes out of the fire.

Heading for the High Council Pavilions, the Chaos Trinity managed to defeat the Protectobots and capture Hot Spot, their target, while the Fallen secured Blitzwing, the final target. Unfortunately, Shockwave had survived their encounter, and brought Soundwave, Ravage, Trypticon, the Insecticons, and the Seekers to their hideout. Exactly what part of logic convinced Shockwave to bring a whole army against three renegades is unknown. The Chaos Trinity were eventually defeated, and the Fallen destroyed. The War Within: The Dark Ages

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