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This article is about the Generation One cartoon episode. For the alien monster of the title, see Chaos (alien).

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A discovery on Goo forces Kup to face a demon from his past.

Japanese title: "Death Crystal"

Detailed synopsis

Near Goo, a Skuxxoid is using a bazooka to fire strange crystals at random pieces of junk. However, Blast Off spots him and they start firing at each other. Cornering the Skuxxoid on Goo, Blast Off demands to know what he was being shot with. The Skuxxoid shows him the crystals, which he says are hard to find, but he knows where the planet is.

On Cybertron, Kup is telling a story about one of his encounters with an Ick-Yak to Blurr, Wheelie, and Grimlock. An Ick-Yak had cornered Kup on Dredd, but Kup managed to trick it into walking into the quickmud. Grimlock says he heard that a monster named Chaos lived on Dredd, and asks Kup if that's true. Kup freaks out and tells Grimlock to never speak of Chaos again. However, Wreck-Gar contacts Cybertron, telling them of a discovery he made. Using Sky Lynx, the Autobots go to investigate. On Goo, they discover that a destroyed Earth Defense Command station. Grimlock is shocked, as the station was made of the strongest metal in the galaxy. Kup, however, recognizes what did it: death crystals. The Autobots ask what death crystals are, but Kup is hesitant. At that moment, Blast Off appears with Runamuck riding on him, firing death crystals. Escaping on Sky Lynx, the two Transformer shuttles play a game of cat and mouse, until Runamuck destroys a comet, allowing Sky Lynx to escape.

After escaping, the Autobots demand answers. Kup explains that one hundred thousand years ago, when he was on Dredd, he was captured by Orbs, a slaver race that was on Dredd, and forced to work in the death crystal mines. Kup managed to sneak away from his work detail, heading into the caves, where he found a group of imprisoned robots. As he was preparing to free them, Chaos appeared. Kup was so frightened that he fled, leaving the robots behind. He's never forgiven himself for leaving those other robots behind, and now the Decepticons know about the death crystals. The Autobots resolve to stop the Decepticons before disaster should strike.

On Dredd, it turns out that Galvatron is not content to merely use them as ammunition—he's building a cannon that will fire death crystals at Cybertron, destroying the planet with one shot. Landing away from the Decepticon camp, Kup takes Blurr to do some recon. During their search, the Predacons arrive, with Razorclaw and Rampage taking on Kup, with the others knocking Blurr into the quickmud (which has the benefit of shutting him up). Grimlock, Wheelie, and Wreck-Gar head to help, while Sky Lynx separates. Heading for the two Autobots, Grimlock mauls Razorclaw as Wheelie and Wreck-Gar fire, while Sky Lynx rescues Blurr from the mud. As the Predacons retreat to inform Galvatron, Sky Lynx follows to further investigate.

Heading for the camp, the other Autobots arrive to attack the Decepticons, and the Predacons form Predaking, managing to get a luck shot on Sky Lynx. Kup is trapped in the mines due to a random shot, and immediately goes to find Chaos. Finding imprisoned robots, he frees them, just as Chaos arrives. The beast has death crystals imbedded into his skin, but Kup has a plan. Using another opening in the volcano, Kup leads the robots to freedom, and uses Galvatron's death crystal cannon on Chaose, which also causes the volcano to erupt. Sky Lynx manages to rescue the Autobots, who flee into space. Sky Lynx has been injured, but Kup is sure that he'll be okay. It actually reminds him of the time he was riding the shuttle Jonagar and was trapped in a space whale. As the other Autobots bemoan another tale, Grimlock commands them to be quiet, as he loves Kup's war stories.


Original airdate: September 30th, 1986

Production number:

Written by: Paul Davids

Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others


Notable quotes

"This could be the galaxy busting case I've been waiting to sink my teeth into."

Kup, thinking he's Nightbeat.


  • References

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • When Kup frees the imprisoned robots, one of them, round in shape, keeps appearing and disappearing between frames.

Continuity errors

  • Wasn't Goo destroyed in a previous episode?
  • Kup says that no robot has ever seen Chaos and lived, then goes on to tell how he saw Chaos...and lived.

Real-world references

  • The story of Jonagar and the space whale is a reference to the Biblical story of Jonah and the Whale

Transformers references

  • References


  • This episode would be the last time Casey Kasem would ever voice a character in Transformers.
  • This is the second time that Kup would narrate his encounter of an Ick-Yak. He first mentions about it in the Movie.

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