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Chaindrive is an Autobot who was one of the components of Nexus Prime.


Transformers: Exiles

Chaindrive was one of the many Autobots who remained on Cybertron after its demise. However, Alpha Trion realized that there was far more potential in him. With the aid of Wheeljack, the two of them constructed a jury-rigged space bridge, which sent Chaindrive to the tomb of Solus Prime, where he met up with the other Autobots. Carrying one of the Blades of Time, granted to him by Alpha Trion, he aided Optimus in locating the lost Vector Prime.

Upon arriving on Junkion, Chaindrive was reunited with three other Velocitronians and Junkions; the equally enigmatic, Pinion, Mainspring, and Clocker. Their combined energy awoke the fifth and final member of the team, the dormant Cannonspring. Together, they realized their true heritage and destiny, and for the first time in eons reunited into the mighty Nexus Prime.

Displaying the ability to hold more weapons than an armory, Nexus Prime pulled forth his Omni Blade and passed the Cyber Caliber over to Optimus Prime. Although he refused to kill anyone, Nexus Prime essentially held off the Decepticons and the Star Seekersfor a time, on intimidation alone. As Megatron and Thundertron left to pursue other goals, Nexus Prime reclaimed his swords and gave some last words of encouragement to Optimus Prime before splitting himself once more. Reduced to a set of five protoforms, Nexus Prime vanished into space and the annals of history once more.

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