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An intense hypochondriac, Chainclaw believes firmly that there is something very wrong with his systems, if not several things wrong, and nothing will convince him otherwise. He endlessly entertains visions of how he and his teammates are going to die in battle, every possible mishap that's remotely plausible, even several implausible ones. Once he starts fighting, though, his anxiousness is channeled into a wild, animalistic fighting fury. Chainclaw is an incredibly effective and ferocious warrior - so long as he doesn't notice that discolored spot on his exostructure.

French name (Canada): Griffeur


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Chainclaw was due to make a delivery to Optimus Prime, but was attacked and had his cargo stolen by Doubledealer. Of course, Doubledealer being Doubledealer, it was all part of an elaborate con (or as elaborate as one can get in a five-page story). (Double) Deal of the Century!

Later, Starscream beat him up. Fallen Star!

In an alternate timeline, Chainclaw was one of seven Autobots remaining in the Western Hemisphere in 2009, which had been overrun by the Decepticons. He, Getaway and Guzzle took on Cyclonus and Scourge in order to keep them away from the other team while they accomplished their mission. Chainclaw got the drop on Cyclonus and likely would have killed him, if not for the intervention of Galvatron, who destroyed Chainclaw with a single shot.

Of course, Galvatron then killed Cyclonus for being weak, so if Chainclaw weren't dead, he'd probably feel better about the outcome. Rhythms of Darkness!


Generation One

  • Chainclaw (Pretender Beast, 1988)
    • Accessories: Pretender shell, helmet, Solid Sonic Energy Blaster

Harder than the average bear.

Chainclaw transforms into a gray and yellow robotic bear with a back-mounted energy blaster. In robot mode (which is basically the bear mode standing up) the blaster mounts onto his shoulder. He comes with an outer Pretender shell shaped like an armored organic brown bear, as opposed to the humanoid shells of most Pretenders. His shell can be fit around his robot body, completely hiding his true form. The bear shell can be augmented with a silver battle helmet and the energy blaster.


  • Although he presumably had a character model made, Chainclaw and Carnivac were not seen in the original Pretender Beasts commercial -- only a brief clip of Snarler and Catilla fighting was shown.

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