Battle on an oil rig! Because we've never done that before!

Published in: Transformers Annual 1990
Preceded by: Dreadwing Down!

Writer: Dan Abnett
Art: Dan Reed
Lettering: GLIB
Colouring: Euan Peters


Three of the Decepticon Pretenders have taken hostage an oil refinery in the Gulf of Mexico. They plan on using a transmuter to convert the oil into a more refined form of energon for them to partake of. As Skullgrin completes the device, though, three Autobot Pretenders emerge from the water, having been following the Decepticons for some time. A battle ensues between the two forces, as the human workers run for cover. As Skullgrin and Landmine engage in explosive combat with their weapons, a stray shot clips a passing spotter plane, sending it crashing down towards the refinery. Cloudburst breaks off the fight with his sparring partner Bomb-Burst, and convinces him to help save the plane and the humans on board. After all, the plane will crash into the oil terminal and blow them to smithereens if they don't. Cloudburst and Bomb-Burst shed their shells and convert into flight modes, each catching one of the plane's wings and guiding it to a safe landing. Upon transforming, Cloudburst quickly gets his gun on Bomb-Burst, as the other Decepticons have been successfully disabled while they did their good deed. The Autobots then force their Decepticon prisoners to disable their device before taking them back to Cybertron to face trial.

Items of note

  • No time table is given for this story. It could conceivably take place at just about any point after the Pretenders' debut, but at no point did those three Decepticons explicitly disappear from the main storyline, indicating that if this story is in continuity with the main comics, they escaped at some point.
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