This article is about the Decepticon base planet introduced season 3 of The Transformers. For the Destron base planet introduced in Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers 2010, see Jarl.

Chaar is a planet in the Generation One continuity family.
Chaar City

Sure the rent's low, but would you want Galvatron as your landlord? Or Soundwave as your neighbour? And you know the Predacons are just gonna mess up your yard.

"Now, in 2006, the Decepticons have retreated to a burnt out hulk of a planet called Chaar, a world of ash and ruin."
―Narrator in the Secret Files of Teletraan II

Chaar is the planet where the Decepticons settled after being driven from Cybertron. It is a burned-out, barren husk of a planet. The Chaar spider and energy leeches are some of the few native animals to the dead world.


Generation One

The Transformers cartoon

After the battle against Unicron, the Autobots successfully drove away all the Decepticons occupying Cybertron. With Galvatron missing, the Decepticons became directionless and chose to seek refuge on the burned-out world of Chaar.

The Decepticons nearly starved to death on the wasteland of a planet, until Cyclonus and Scourge successfully retrieved Galvatron from his resting place on Thrull. Reinvigorated, the Decepticons gradually transformed the planet into a suitable place to live, with cities and battle stations.


The Autobot Road Rocket resided on Chaar before coming to Earth to be Optimus Prime's bodyguard.

Note: Robotmasters takes place in 2004.

Dreamwave comics

Once a populated planet, Charr became a barren wasteland crisscrossed by lava flows as a result of natural disaster.[1]

Unicron Trilogy

Cybertron cartoon

C30 charr

Charr has been reduced to a dangerous asteroid belt, though its metallic moon still floats within the dense rocks, a marginally more stable location.

During the intermezzo between Energon and Cybertron, Wing Saber and Optimus Prime were involved in a rescue mission within the Charr asteroid belt. Under desperate pressure to get out quickly, they attempted to link up. The experience ended badly, and Optimus would later claim to never have heard of two Transformers combining. United


  • Chaar (possibly with a different spelling) is also the name of a volcanic ash world in the computer game Starcraft, which the villains of the game, an insectoid species called the Zerg, use as an intergalactic hideout. Makes you wonder if Blizzard's programmers are G1 fans?
  • It is unclear how Chaar got burnt up in the first place or even if it even had life or anything on it.


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