Cha is an itty-bitty-kitty from the Binaltech Asterisk portion of the Generation One continuity family.

A universe-shattering emergency only the Autobots can resolve.--No, that is not baby Tigatron.

Cha is a mischievous cat with black-striped fur. He likes warm places to nap on and fish.


Binaltech Asterisk online manga

Cha was taking nap on Red Alert's warm hood, but was shoo'ed away by Ai Kuruma. Cha ran off and climbed a tree and got stuck; his mewing attracted Ai and Alert, who were looking for a lost little boy. Ai climbed up the tree to rescue Cha, but fell from the high branches, but Red Alert caught her and the cat in time.

Cha scampered off, and the pair followed him, and ran across the lost little boy. But then, Cha stole a fish from the boy's grocery bag. Alert set his detector from "little boy" to "fish" and the two gave chase.


  • The name "Cha" is the Japanese name for Kup. It's one of several car-themed plays on words in the Binaltech Asterisk series.

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