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Chōkon Power is a form of energy from the Super-God Masterforce portion of the Generation One Japan continuity.

Ginrai uses ChiChōkon to ready a rock shower

The mysterious Chōkon Power (超魂パワー Chōkon Pawa?, translating as "Super-soul") is a power that is used by human beings who are combined with a Transtector and manifests in three sub-forms, all of which are referred to by Decepticon Pretender Blood as "the ultimate energy" for a specific purpose:

  • TenChōkon(天超魂,Ten, short forTenkuu, translating as "Heaven", refering to the skies and possibly space and beyond)
This is the power of the heavens. Blood classifies this form of the power as "the ultimate energy of the growing universe."
  • ChiChōkon (地超魂, Chi, short for Chikyuu, translating as "Earth", refering to the Godmaster's surroundings)
This is the power of the Earth. It is characterized by Blood as "the ultimate energy that grants existence to the life on the surface of the Earth."
  • JinChōkon (人超魂, Jin translating as "Man", or in this case, "Human", refering to the Godmaster's human component)
This is the power of humanity. Blood describes it as "the ultimate energy that gives humans the strength to keep on living."

Buster fires a TenChōkon blast

These three different aspects—Earth, the heavens and humanity—are denoted by some Eastern religions as the three core aspects of life, hence Chōkon Power (also referred to as Ten-Chi-Jin Power) is effectively the primal energy of life itself. While individual beings can learn to manipulate the energy for their own ends, it is a difficult task to accomplish—aside from Sixknight, who professed to derive his strength from TenChōkon, no other ordinary Transformers displayed the ability. Through the machinations of the alien entity and Decepticon 'god' Devil Z, however, the Transformers known as Godmasters were given the inherent ability to manipulate all three forms of Chōkon Power, making them one of the most powerful types of Transformer in existence.

Ginrai wails on Hydra with JinChōkon-charged punches to his stomach

The Godmaster Transtectors originally resided in a region of space known as G-Nebula 89, which was rich in TenChōkon, suffusing the Transtectors with it. Devil Z subsequently stole and hid them on Earth, where, over the years, they absorbed the planet's inherent ChiChōkon. With two of the three Chōkon Powers now filling them, the final step in Devil Z's plan for the Transtectors was to bond a human being to them, thereby adding JinChōkon—inherent in all humans by its very nature—to the equation and giving the resultant Godmasters lifeform power over all three aspects of Chōkon Power.

The effects of Chōkon Power vary in ways, some of which are still unknown at this time. Most commonly, it is simply channelled from its source—down from the sky, up out of the ground, and/or from within the human—straight into the Godmaster's fist, which can then either deliver a powerful, charged punch, or release the energy by firing it as an offensive blast. At other times, it is projected in waves from the Godmaster's body, or can be channelled into their weapons for enhanced firepower. The only type known to have an effect specific to itself is ChiChōkon, which gives Godmasters the power to control the Earth beneath them, levitating and energizing rocks and dirt that can be hurled at opponents.


Super Ginrai charges a Chōkon Power gunshot

Some Headmasters who use the Masterforce possess only JinChōkon, which is "activated" when they receive the Masterforce. They cannot use this energy offensively; instead, it serves to automatically enhance their strength, reflexes and agility. Additionally, when Cab, Shuta and Minerva all placed their hands on the control panel of Godbomber, their Chōkon Power added together was enough to equal that of Ginrai's, and activated the Autobot drone for battle. The trio were later able to share their Chōkon Power a second time, adding it to Ginrai's in order to super-charge him for his final battle with Devil Z.

Realizing the incredible potential for JinChōkon that existed within all human beings—perhaps after seeing how truly powerful Godmasters could be—Devil Z was now determined to eradicate the species to remove that threat, and summarily purged all traces of allied humanity from his Decepticon army, thus bringing every Decepticon Transtector, Godmaster and Headmaster alike, to life as true Transformers. Consequently, however, their lack of a human component meant that they no longer possessed JinChōkon—for two of them, Hydra and Buster, at least, who wanted to be reborn as Transformers rather than be seperated from theirs, Devil Z compensated for this loss with his own Devil Power, but this proved unable to stand against Ginrai's might. Logically, the subsequent separation of other Godmasters from their human components after Devil Z's defeat also left them without JinChōkon.