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Cerebros is simply a mindless drone who is the key to controlling Fortress Maximus. He is a Headmaster. In order for Fortress Maximus to reawaken, Cerebros must transform into the head of another robot known only by one name: The Emissary. The Emissary's only purpose is to transform into Fortress Maximus' head. Cerebros can only be awakened by an Autobot Leader: Optimus Prime. The only other Transformer who can awaken Cerebros is Scourge, since Megatron scanned Optimus Prime during his creation into a Decepticon.

Japanese name: Plasma


Robots in Disguise cartoon

Voice actor: Steve Kramer (English), ?? (Japanese)

Cerebros is discovered by the Build Team and Side Burn after the Decepticons destroy the tomb which Cerebros lies within. In attempt to gain Scourge's respect, Sky-Byte and the Predacons kidnap Cerebros from the Autobots. For once, the Predacon's usual misadventures end up in their favor. The Decepticons used Cerebros to awaken Fortress Maximus, only to find out that Scourge can't fully control it and send Fort Max on a rampage across the town. Koji then causes Fort Max to stop and it sinks into the earth, along with the Emissary. Seeing how the Autobots may have won, Galvatron takes Cerebros back to their base.


Car Robots

  • Brave Maximus
    • Japanese ID number: C-027

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