Cerebros is a character introduced in Season 4 of The Transformers. A pacifist Autobot, he became the head of Fortress Maximus and guardian of the planet Nebulos during a Cybertronian Civil War.

Personality & Character

Cerebros is a pacifist and does not like fighting. He was concerned about humanity's growing involvement in the Transformers' conflict and passively criticized Brainstorm's proposal for Autobots to have human partners that could power up. When the crashed Autobots on Nebulos volunteered to remove their heads to implement Headmaster technology, Cerebros was the only one who refused. Ironically, Cerebros would willingly become part of one of the most powerful and unique implementations of Headmaster technology, Fortress Maximus. The Rebirth, Part 1


He found himself stranded on Nebulos alongside several others when Scourge unwittingly unleashed the power of the Plasma Energy Chamber. He refused to become a Headmaster or Targetmaster however, reiterating his belief that human(oid)s shouldn't endanger themselves by fighting alongside Autobots. The Rebirth, Part 1

He wandered off and got his rear handed to him by the drones guarding the abandoned Hive city, and came crawling back (literally) to the other Autobots. When Optimus Prime arrived to pick up the Autobots on Nebulos and fly them back to Cybertron to help stop Galvatron and his all-out invasion of the planet, Spike Witwicky decided to stay behind with Cerebros, and help rebuild the Hive city he discovered to become Fortress Maximus. They later arrived on Cybertron just in time to battle their Decepticon counterpart, Scorponok. Cerebros afterwards asked Spike to deactivate him, not wishing to witness any more warfare. Spike showed him that Cybertron had been restored to a new Golden Age. Later, he boarded Fortress Maximus on a journey to Nebulous. There, Optimus Prime appointed him as guardian of the planet. The Rebirth, Part 2 The Rebirth, Part 3


Spike Witwicky

Spike Witwicky is his headmaster. Perhaps appropriate for the pacifist Cerebros, it was Spike who had control of Fortress Maximus when the combined entity fought Scorponok.

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime appointed Cerebros as guardian of Nebulos after Cybertron's second golden age began.

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  • There seems to be ongoing confusion on the proper way to transform Cerebros, as various sources have shown his legs made from the sides of Fortress Maximus's head (the horns visible and his feet made from the grills), while other sources have turned them around so that he has his own feet. The legs on the toy swivel so that either version is possible.
  • In The Rebirth, Part 3, Cerebros is depicted as having a very different Alt Mode to his toy (where he is a Communications Room that can be docked with Fortress Maximus in City Mode and Battleship mode). Curiously, it strongly resembles Fortress Maximus' City mode except smaller. Whether Spike based the larger Transformer's design on Cerebros, or if it was a side effect of the Binary Bonding process is unknown.

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