Cemetery Wind is the the main antagonistic faction of the Transformers: Age of Extinction. A secret black operations unit of the Central Intelligence Agency led by the corrupt CIA agent Harold Attinger that was formed sometime after the battle of Chicago.



The unit was originally tasked with hunting down all remaining Decepticons on Earth after the disbanding of NEST and cooperation with the Autobots. But unbeknownst to the White House and the President, the unit also hunt down Autobots, whom they think they were alien threats (after they had struck a deal with the U.S. government that they would be provided a safe haven). This was happen earlier due to Cemetery Wind's high-ranking member Harold Attinger, who supplied all dead Transformer corpses to KSI for testing purposes and reverse-engineering into new remote-controlled Transformers and deliver them for U.S. military usage.

Targeting the AutobotsEdit

Cemetery Wind successfully killed off Leadfoot and Ratchet before shipping their remains in to KSI, but failed to do so for Optimus. An off-screen battle explained by Lockdown was that Cemetery Wind and Lockdown were fighting him in Mexico City, having managed to shoot Optimus three times, but he was able to escape and fled the scene to avoid getting killed, causing an angered Lockdown to blame and reconsider his contract with Cemetery Wind.

Attempting to target the Yeager family and a car chase in TexasEdit

Right before Optimus went into hiding under the barn's floors, Cade Yeager's greedy, backstabbing friend Lucas Flannery turned Optimus in, but rather than getting the check, Lucas got guns pointed at his face when Cemetery Wind couldn't find Optimus and suspected Cade, Tessa and Lucas were all hiding the Autobot leader. Optimus refused to sacrifice Cade and Tessa's lives to further ensure his own safety, so he jumped out to attack Cemetery Wind, although he didn't have enough time to wipe them all out when Lockdown started chasing him. A chase erupted in the city with Cemetery Wind pursuing Cade, Tessa, Shane and Lucas. The humans successfully escaped by driving off a ramp and, except for Lucas who gets killed by Lockdown's grenade, manage to reconnect with Optimus to escape. Then, Attinger scolds and demerits his men for their failure to capture Optimus, not taking into account at all that Optimus was too biologically powerful to be captured by humans.

Conclusion and DisbandmentEdit

After the war in Hong Kong ended, and with both Attinger and Savoy's deaths, Cemetery Wind was disbanded by the President and the U.S. government and labeled as a terrorist organization. It was presumed that the other Cemetery Wind members either have been killed or arrested for their actions, as they are now No. 1 on the NSA, CIA, Interpol and FBI's most wanted list.


However, a new organization called the TRF (Transformers Reaction Force) was created from the remnants of the disbanded CIA unit, Cemetery Wind, with the same intentions as its predecessor; destroy the entire factions of Transformers, both Autobots and Decepticons, hiding in Earth. However, unlike the Cemetery Wind, the TRF creates an alliance with Autobots to save the world before being disbanded at the end.

Known MembersEdit


  • Cemetery Wind was once a codename for the U.S. Army's real Intelligence Support Activity[1] unit. The unit changes its codename every two years.

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