The Celestials are a group of extra-dimensional beings in the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The Celestials are powerful and enigmatic extra-dimensional beings who held an interest in the planet Gaea.


IDW Beast Wars comics

The Celestials charged the robot Moon with observing the events transpiring on the planet Gaea for them. When the battle between the forces of Lio Convoy and Galvatron grew to be too dire for Moon to stand any longer, the robot followed his moral compass and disobeyed his orders, taking an active role in events. For this the Celestials "excommunicated" him and he can no longer contact them. Beast Wars Sourcebook 2


  • The use of the term "excommunicate" in this context is odd and suggests something of a religious nature to the Celestials. Whether they are a religion, are "gods," have delusions of godhood or some such is unknown.
  • In the anime version of these events, Moon was partnered with the female android Artemis who is only mentioned in the glossary of the IDW Beast Wars Sourcebook trade paperback, despite being a regular character in the TV series.
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