Cecilia Santiago is a human from the Generation One continuity family.

Oprah must be stopped... no matter the cost.

Cecilia Santiago is the host of the popular television gossip show New York Talks. She is a friend of Roadhandler.


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Following up on a story she did about three hunters who encountered an incredible creature in the New Jersey meadowlands, Cecilia Santiago investigated the meadowlands themselves, hoping to capture footage of it for her show. Proceeding on her own (still-camera in hand) when her cameraman Harv chickened out, Cecilia witnessed Iguanus, Skullgrin, Submarauder and Finback planting the Storm-Maker Station responsible for the recent downpours, but was captured by Iguanus. The soft-hearted Skullgrin argued Iguanus should spare the human, as soon half the flesh-creatures in New York City would be killed. Iguanus responded to Skullgrin's argument with a well-reasoned slap to his bitch mouth, and a fight ensued.

Fortunately, the Autobot Micromaster Off Road Patrol intervened, and Cecilia was able to escape. Making it to the outskirts of the meadowlands swamp, Cecilia flagged down a group of passing cars—the Autobot Sports Car Patrol. Initially freaked to discover the car she was riding in (Roadhandler) was not what it seemed, her rescuers' absolute cluelessness about Earth, its customs (and especially the Decepticons' plans) quickly convinced her they were on her side. Resisting the Micromasters' well-intentioned efforts to ditch her, Cecilia instead guided them to the place the Decepticons had indicated, proving her worth by helping them navigate the toll roads to get to Manhattan. When they again tried to ditch her in the Empire State Building's elevator system, she proceeded to the observation deck on her own, intending to take pictures of Iguanus—and was again captured. Iguanus threw Cecilia to her doom, forcing Roadhandler to choose between saving her and stopping him, but the Autobot was able to catch Cecilia and knock Iguanus's device from its perch. The Decepticon was destroyed by a giant lightning bolt when he tried to catch it just as it triggered.

Back on the ground, Roadhandler and his team refused Optimus Prime's order to escape before the authorities arrived, preferring to throw their lot in with their new human friend. King Con!

The Interplanetary Wrestling Championship!

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