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This article is about Cathy (RB), Priscilla Pynch's doll from Transformers: Rescue Bots. . For {{{2}}}, see [[{{{3}}}]].

Cathy is a young woman who knows how to keep herself occupied during long, boring road trips, no matter how potent the distractions that are literally in her face are.


Transformers: Robots in Disguise


Cathy and her father were on a road trip when they encountered a fight between Strongarm and Crazybolt. She concentrated on her mobile game even as a blinded Strongarm accidentally rammed their van half off of an overpass, Grimlock grabbed their car, it fell after the bumper fell off, it was caught by Bumblebee, the car's airbags inflated in their faces, they were hauled back up by Bumblebee and Grimlock, and her father inquired if she'd noticed anything weird. Her lack of an answer to that was the last straw, and her smartphone was tossed out of the car by her father. 


  • Cathy is unnamed in the English version of the episode, being addressed only as "sweetie" by her father; she was given a name in the Japanese dub. 
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