Catgut is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family.

And inside the sound chamber we place a live baby kitten.

The Targetmaster partner to the Decepticon sharpshooter Treadshot, Catgut happily follows along, enjoying the chance to kill as many Autobots as possible, be it with fusion-powered particle cannon blasts or his razor-sharp claws and fangs.

French-Canadian name: Entrailles


Generation One

  • Treadshot with Catgut (Action Master, 1990)
G1Treadshot toy

Can't... fight! Gun... too HEAVY!

Catgut came only with his Action Master partner Treadshot. He transforms from a black and orange mechanical cat into a “particle blaster” cannon that Treadshot (or any other Action Master) can hold. Treadshot’s handgun can be attached to Catgut’s cannon barrel to form a “super weapon” mode.

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