Reptron is a Playskool Go-Bot in the Go-Bots and Universe continuities.

Now, he's a black repaint, but he's also Playskool. Conundrum?

The powerful and speedy Reptron is always looking for adventure, but he still needs training and guidance to reach his full potential.




Reptron challenge

"Now I'm the one with the muscles and the power!"

Reptron is fast, fierce and strong, but often reckless with his powers.

Reptron teleported to a jungle on Earth, the perfect place to train using his powers. But Reptron's careless manner caused a series of accidents, and the Go-Bots had to intervene to save a town from the flood he created.

Reptron challenged Beast-Bot to a race through Pyramid City, an ancient Incan ruin. Reptron's heavy footfalls caused the pyramid to crumble around them, and he became snared in a booby-trap. Beast-Bot rescued him, and though the race ended in a tie, Reptron admitted Beast-Bot, who had stopped to save him, had clearly won.

Reptron had the power to be a member of the Go-Bot Team, but needed to learn to use that power wisely. He vowed to train hard and one day join Aero-Bot's team.

Reptron appears in the episode Reptron's Rampage, where he is referred to as a T-Rex.

Online Comic


That rascally Reptron.

Reptron, testing out his strength in Earth orbit, knocked a comet towards the planet. Silver-Bot spotted the comet just as it was breaking in two, and Aero-Bot was able to save the world with his Flying Fists!

This appears to be a direct follow-up of Reptron's cartoon appearance. That Reptron- he'll never learn!

3H Wreckers Comics / Transformers Fan Club Magazine


In a time period following the events of Beast Machines, Reptron works with T-Wrecks and his Dinobots. T-Wrecks wasn't thrilled about having a crew member so young and inexperienced, but Reptron countered that since he was acting as ship mechanic for no payment except passage to Cybertron, his boss shouldn't complain. He is indeed a good mechanic, fixing the Dinobot ship by stealing all the necessary parts from other ships in the hangar.

The Wreckers issue 4

File:Reptron has a plan.JPG

(Reptron's further activities - if any - are unknown.)


Playskool Go-Bots

  • Reptron (Basic Go-Bot, 2002)
An orange Velociraptor. Shares the same mold as Dino-Bot, whom he was released alongside. He was recolored as Greg for Japan.
  • Reptron (Mission: Earth, 2003)
Released as part of the "Mission: Earth" assortment, this black recolor is the version of Reptron that shows up in the Go-Bots cartoon.
  • Reptron (Invisibility Force, 2005)
Part of the "Invisibility Force" team, this toy has the same color scheme as "Mission: Earth" Reptron, but the plastics used are all translucent, and some of the paint applications have been removed to enhance the "invisible" look. This toy was intended for release in 2004, but was held back for unknown reasons, finally showing up in various places after the toyline had been cancelled in 2005. This version was ever-so-slightly remolded from the original toy, and was recolored as Beast-Bot.

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