The Vok Probe was an alien device in the Beast Wars portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.
Vok probe
Vok probeinterior

Space vagina

The Vok Probe was sent to ancient Earth to investigate a disturbance at the Standing Stones and report back on its cause. Chain of Command

The Vok Probe game off high levels of stable energon radiation, which it could release as an offensive burst, rendering Transformers unconscious. It has the ability to teleport other beings, or digitize their physical forms while maintaining their consciousness within itself for study. It can transport itself through transwarp space, or dematerialize at will.

The Vok Probe is neither sentient nor sapient.

The Vok Probe's interior is a mixture of mechanical and biological elements typical of Vok technology, but it seems to be animal-based rather than plant-based like later examples. This is probably an artistic choice.

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