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Lio Convoy is a Maximal in the Beast Era portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.

He's no Leoric

A high-ranking member of the Maximals, Lio Convoy is honest to his core and possesses the strong sense of right and wrong that one expects from a robot with "Prime" in his name. In part he's a tough, hard, career-military robot, but he doesn't let that side of his nature totally dominate who he is. There is a very humane, even gentle side to him as well, and there are times when one can't help but suspect his seriousness has a hidden smile behind it. Though Lio Convoy dislikes fighting for its own sake, for a just cause he is more than willing to throw himself into the frey. He believes that through combat one can gain insight and understanding of an opponents true character and thought processes.

Alternate names: Leo Prime

(Note: This character originated in the Japanese-exclusive Beast Wars II series, with the name Lio Convoy. He made his first appearance in U.S. Transformers fiction with a role IDW's The Gathering comic mini-series, in which he was not named. With his first appearance in a Hasbro toy line as part of the Classics series, he received the new name Leo Prime. However, it was never confirmed they were intended to be the same character, and a preview of Simon Furman's new Beast Wars series has confirmed his official western name as Lio Convoy. The character "Leo Prime" has never been named in any official western fiction.)


Animated continuity

Beast Wars II

Voice actor: Hozumi Goda (Japan)

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Why do my shoulders hurt?

A Supreme Commander with his own Energon Matrix. He led a troop of Maximal soldiers to planet Gaia to stop Galvatron and his Predacons.

After being attacked by a ship of rogue Predacons, lead by Galvatron, Lio Convoy and his army of Maximals gave chase to their enemies. Lio Convoy and his crew of Maximals chased Galvatron to the distant planet Gaia where Lio Convoy was seperated from the rest of his troops while protecting Apache from a Predacon attack. The over-abundance of Angolmois energy proved harmful to Transformers, forcing all the Maximals to scan local wildlife for necessary beast modes. Injured, Lio Convoy was rescued by a white lion and scanned its form while recuperating. He then rescued his troops from another Predacon attack. Next, they set-up base on Gaia, now aware that Galvatron was after the powerful Angolmois energy.

Lio Convoy is later reunited with his "son", Lio Junior. While Lio convoy was first recovering from Predacon attack, the Spirit of Gaia copied his Leadership Matrix and infused it within Lio Junior, resulting in Lio Junior's belief that he is Lio Convoy's offspring. Lio Convoy wasn't very eager to be weighed down by a son, and Lio Junior spent the bulk of the series trying desperately to earn his acceptance.


Continuity migraine.

At one point, an alien machine that could warp time and space crashed onto Gaia. The Predacons used it to summon the unstoppable mobile fortress, Majin Zarak, and quickly trashed most of the Maximals. Magnaboss (the combined form of Lio Junior, Santon and Skywarp) managed to summon Optimus Primal to their aid with the machine.

Primal and Lio teamed-up to battle Majin Zarak, who turned out to be a sentient robot and not just a battle station. Together, they combined the power of the Leadership Matrices to upgrade themselves into Burning Convoy and Flash Lio Convoy.


Ooh... shiny...

With Primal's enhanced strength and Lio Convoy's super speed, they weakened Majin Zarak. They then unleashed the power within their Matrices into a "Double Matrix Blast" which finished-off the monster.

Lio Convoy had many more wacky adventures on Gaia, including but not limited to: Evil Clones, Space Pirates and Fiesty Mexican Robot Insects. Eventually, Galvatron summoned the Nemesis, a giant spacecraft, to suck all the Angolmois energy out of Gaia. The Maximals followed the Predacons to the Nemesis and Lio Convoy managed to infiltrate the ship with the help of Scuba and the Tako Tank. Inside, Lio Convoy faced Galvatron but could not defeat the Predacon Emperor of Destruction, who was now over-powered by Angolmois energy. Lio Junior soon arrived to rescue his daddy and the pair, with the help of "good" Angolmois energy, merged into the Great Green Warrior. They did battle with Galvatron and eventually defeated him, sealing the Angolmois energy into capsules and firing them off into space. Galvatron then revealed his big surprise and used his Galva-Matrix to cause the Nemesis to explode. Lio Convoy and the rest of the Maximals then fall into a wormhole.

Beast Wars II manga

Beast Wars Neo

After having their Angolmois capsules stolen by the Blentrons, Big Convoy and his Maximal new recruits are sucked into a wormhole while chasing their enemies. They came across Lio Convoy (whom they all had presumed dead) who explained to them that the Angolmois energy is really the lifeforce of Unicron. Lio Convoy used all his power to free the Maximals from the wormhole, though he remained trapped inside.

Lio Convoy eventually escaped from the wormhole and aided Big Convoy, the Maximals and Magmatron in the final battle against Unicron. After Big Convoy blew Unicron away with his Matrix Buster, the Maximals and Predacons formed an alliance of true unity and worked together to restore Cybertron. All of Lio Convoy's Maximal troops who were trapped inside the wormhole with him were eventually released and joined in the restoration of their homeworld.

Robot Masters

IDW Beast Wars comics

Lioconvoy gathering

Hey, look, he turns into Liger Zero!

Lio Convoy sat at the Maximal Council, and told Razorbeast to follow Magmatron into the past.


Beast Wars II

  • Lio Convoy
Japanese ID number: C-16
  • Flash Lio Convoy
  • Black Lio Convoy

Robot Masters

  • Lio Convoy
Japanese ID number: RM-22
  • Lio Convoy
Japanese ID number: RM-23
  • Lio Convoy (Black, Dengeki Hobby)


  • Lio Convoy
This toy is a redeco of Legends of Cybertron Leobreaker.

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