This article is about the 2007 movie Autobot. For the Generation 1 Autobot, see Elita One (G1).

Elita-One is an Autobot from the Movie continuity family.

Elita-One is the first of the female Transformer robots. Naturally, she receives a lot of attention, which is something she is by no means displeased by. But she's more than a pretty face, as she's a cunning fighter and an excellent marksman, capable of hitting a target from at least four miles away. But when it comes time to rely on more than her gun, she's able to emit an "attraction field" that can cause those without protection to overheat without warning.

Giggidy, Giggidy, Gig-gi-dy.


Transformers (2007)

  • Elita-One (Scout, 2007)
A pink (brown, really) and silver redeco of the Energon Arcee toy, Elita-One transforms into a "superbike"-type racing motorcycle of undetermined and probably made-up model. Like previous versions of the mold, she comes with several separate weapons pieces that combine into her Energon bow, which pegs into a hole just above her hand, and an Energon Star. These items are cast in black plastic.
Elita-One is part of the third wave of Target-exclusive Scout toys, but is not marked as part of the Robo-Vision promotion.
This mold also was used to make Superlink Ariel Paradron Type, as well as BotCon 2005 Descent into Evil set's Chromia, Flamewar, Flareup, and Elita-One's fellow Target exclusive, Arcee.


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