Snowstalker is an animal in the Beast Wars portion of the Generation 1 continuity family

She was Tigatron's "friend" ... yeah right!

The majestic predatory cat Snowstalker once prowled the distant frozen lands and mountaintops of prehistoric Earth. Like all members of her species she was typically a loner, but a chance encounter with the Maximals and Predacons would change her life... and also prematurely end it.


Beast Wars cartoon

Snowstalker was the animal template scanned by Tigatron's stasis pod. With his memory circuits damaged, Tigatron felt like he was more animal than robot, and he chose to stay in the wild alongside Snowstalker. Fallen Comrades The two roamed and hunted together, forming a strong pair bond--Optimus Primal was aware of how special Snowstalker was to Tigatron.

By a cruel twist of fate, in a heated battle with the Predacons an errant shot from Tigatron caused a rockslide on the mountain Snowstalker was climbing, and she was crushed to death. In his grief, Tigatron marked her final resting place with a crude representation of her made out of stones. At the time he swore he would never be able to bury another friend and thus could no longer participate in combat of any kind, though he soon had to reconsider. Law of the Jungle


She lives on in memory and slashfic.


  • White tigers are an extremely rare product of recessive genes, and the very few individuals encountered in the wild have all inhabited humid tropical environments. Snowstalker (and thus Tigatron) may not represent a proper tiger as modern humans would envision, but, rather, another big tiger-like cat that in the subsequent four million years has gone extinct.
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