"Catapult always makes the shot."

Catapult is an Autobot featured in the game Transformers: Universe.


Many don't even realize Catapult exists at all. A mysterious loner who moves through the shadows, she struts with the confident swagger of a true gunslinger. And it's not unjustified; this Autobot assassin has the skills to take down any enemy on the battlefield every time, moving effortlessly over any terrain to find the right vantage point and able to read cross-winds with ease. The only clue to her presence in the fight is the tag she scratches into the chassis of every Decepticon she offlines. Her skills make her an excellent choice for long range attack missions.


Catapult was among the Autobots who were on board the Arclight when it was shot down over Central City. She survived the crash and proceeded to take part in a series of battles against the Decepticons who had come aboard the Leviathan.


  • Her in-game weapons are the Nimbus Blaster Rifle, Xeno Shotgun, and Cygnus Sniper Rifle. Her Baja buggy alt-mode comes equipped with a gatling gun that damages spark.
  • Her in-game abilities are:
    • Phase Chamber — when active, Catapult's weapons bypass enemy shields and damage them directly.
    • Neural Motivator — increases the damage Catapult deals by optimizing her focus.
    • Energon Transfusion— turns the damage she does to enemies into healing for her.
  • Her active subsystem is "Spark Dispersal" which heals nearby Autobots whenever she takes out an enemy.


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