Catalycon was one of Megatron's scientists.


Transformers: Exodus

Catalycon was posted at Trypticon once Megatron took over the station for its Dark Energon. He informed Megatron that Starscream had succeeded in activating the Geosynchronous Energon Bridge, but told him it would not transport enough Energon to be Darkened considering the size of the army. Soundwave informed Megatron of the Plasma energy Chamber in Iacon, that Catalycon had dismissed as a myth. Embarrassed, Catalycon was allowed to elaborate that the Code Keys were necessary to accessing the Chamber. Catalycon accompanied Megatron to Teletraan-1 and watched him battle Sentinel Prime for the Key of Justice, pointing out it was inside the defeated Prime's chest. But as Megatron used the Code Keys to retrieve the Chamber, Teletraan-1 activated the Guardian Omega Supreme, and as he maneuvered himself out of the wall, a statue of a Prime fell on top of Catalycon, killing him.


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