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CatSCAN is an Autobot from the Universe portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Please state the nature of the medical emergency.

Formerly a medical computer's artificial intelligence program, CatSCAN was given a corporeal form by Apelinq. Compassionate, gentle and childlike, he struggles to understand his new existence and the universe around him. His speech and mannerisms are odd and stilted, but he's slowly learning to be an individual, with respect for all life.

Hurt one of his charges, however, and he'll demonstrate that he might not like to hurt people, but he's learned how to "wreck and rule" pretty d@mn quick when the situation demands it.


Universe Featuring the Wreckers

With Fractyl severely damaged by a spark core misalignment, the Wreckers took their injured comrade to the repair bay on their ship. Unfortunately, the repair equipment was so old that it could only diagnose - not treat - damages alone. Needing a medic, Apelinq used his Transfer Interlink to create CatSCAN, a sparkless medic to help repair Fractyl.

Landing on Akalo, CatSCAN joined Primal Prime, Apelinq, and Ramulus on a reconnaissance mission into a nearby jungle. Encountering the native Akalouthans, CatSCAN was attacked and later fought the stranded Tap-Out in a battle that was halted by Glyph. Cyclonus stole the Divine Light from Akalo, so Devcon had CatSCAN retrofit him into his old space-faring body. Betrayal

CatSCAN stabilized both Fractyl and Rotorbolt, the latter put into stasis lock by the treacherous Cyclonus. When the Wreckers prepared to depart the planet, Glyph decided to remain behind, knowing her place was not with the war-like Wreckers. When they expressed concern that she would be there alone, CatSCAN countered that he would remain behind as well, to "facilitate and assist". Disclosure


Expanded Universe

Botcon 2002 Exclusive CatSCAN

CatSCAN (Deluxe, 2002)

One of several BotCon 2002 exclusives, Expanded Universe CatSCAN is a redeco of the Beast Machines "Night Slash" Cheetor mold, transforming into a robotic cheetah. Each bicep contains a spring-loaded flip-out scimitar. His chest has some weird flip-around gimmick thingy, who knows what it does. He features some glow-in-the-dark paint applications, which is rare and incredibly awesome.


  • The "SCAN" part of "CatSCAN" doesn't actually stand for anything, although it was originally supposed to. When asked about the issue at BotCon 2002, Glen Hallit struggled to remember what it might have stood for at one point in development, and eventually recalled that it was something along the lines of "computer simulated corporeal autonomous neomaximal" - which is CSCAN. It's possible that the "at" was added to make the name pronouncable, or Glen simply neglected to remember what those letters stood for.
  • CatSCAN was originally going to be called "Lifeline", a name that was preferred by Wreckers co-writer Rob Gerbracht. A remnant of this exists on the final packaging, which states that "the Lifeline Cybernetic Diagnostic Module has been activated".
  • CatSCAN resembles Yet another Autobot.

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