This article is about the blonde wife and mother of two from Transformers Animated. For the blonde MIT graduate/diplomat/housewife from Generation One, see Carly Witwicky.

Carlee is a human from the Transformers Animated continuity family.
New Spike and Carly

Sure, fight a Crazy robot with a pregnant lady inside of you.

Carlee is the loving wife of Spike and the mother of Daniel. She can often be seen with her husband and/or son. Either she or her husband, possibly both, are employed at Sumdac Systems. She has to have the talk with Daniel soon, as he's got a new baby sister.


Transformers Animated cartoon

Voice actor: Tara Strong (English)
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  • Carlee's first name (yes, with that spelling) is listed on her model sheet, though with no last name. However, a scale guide featuring herself, Daniel and Spike is labeled "size comp - Witwicky Family."
  • The unusual spelling of Carlee's name is more than likely derived from Dorling Kindersley's Transformers: The Ultimate Guide, which misspelled her Generation One counterpart's name in this fashion.
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