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Carlos is a human from the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Holy frijoles!

Carlos Lopez is a typical kid. He goes to school, he likes to skateboard, he hangs around giant transforming alien robots, fantasizes about holographic dead girls, and happily propagates ethnic stereotypes.

Voiced by Matt Hill also Ed from Ed, Edd n' Eddy, Tyler Bowman (Blue Battleball) from Supernoobs, Soarin from My Little Pony, Kero-Chan from Cardcaptor Sakura, Korey Kelley from Being Ian, Artha Penn from Dragon Booster, Finn from Storm Hawks, Tenderheart Bear from Care Bears, Raphael from Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, Bankotsu from Inuyasha, Kevin from The Barbie Diaries, Booma from Super Duper Sumos, Roberto Arvelo from Hamtaro, Ton-Ton from Dinotrux.


Animated continuity[]


Voice Actor: Matt Hill (US), Yukie Maeda (Japan)

One day, Carlos and his best friend Rad went exploring into the caverns deep beneath the local observatory. Inside, they found the curious remains of a clearly artificial construction, seemingly far in advance of human technology. Rad discovered a glowing green pentagonal artifact half buried in the rubble, and against Carlos' advice, his friend was drawn towards the strange object. Touching it, the entire structure began to shake, suddenly springing to life as thousands of computers lit up the walls.

At home, Alexis felt the tremors and used her computer to pinpoint the epicenter of the apparent earthquake as the mountain caverns that Rad and Carlos were exploring. Similarly, the scientists and researchers at the observatory were baffled by the sudden movement of the Earth. As Rad and Carlos made their escape with the artifact, a bright light engulfed the chamber they were in, simultaneously shutting down all electronic equipment in Licoln, as well as emitting three distinctly coloured distress signals beams into the sky.

One beam, green, reached an ancient starship wreck on the dark side of the moon, causing it to fire hundreds of smaller beams of green light at the Earth. The two remaining signal beams, coloured red and purple, continued deep into space until it reached a cold, distant metal world.

Emerging from the cave with Rad, Carlos turned to see a huge glowing purple sphere of pulsating energy floating in mid-air, which soon solidified into a huge robot. This being was Megatron, supreme leader of the evil Decepticons. As he tried to take the object Rad had found, which had now revealed itself to be High Wire, a sought-after Mini-Con, suddenly another massive robot ordered Megatron to stand down. He was Optimus Prime, leader of the heroic Autobots. As the pair grappled, Rad mused that somehow this was all his fault. First Encounter

Carlos just happens to sound just like Ironhide and Beachhead in G.I. Joe: Spy Troops. He is also easily the most annoyingly petulant of the human children that befriend the Autobots.


Voice Actor: Matt Hill (US), Junichi Endo (Japan)

In 2020, Carlos was posted on the Earth Federation's space station orbiting Mars. During a surprise attack by Alpha Quintesson's Terrorcons, he uttered the immortal phrase "Holy frijoles", thus proving he isn't a horrible ethnic stereotype.

Later, Hot Shot inquired about the attack, but Carlos was unable to provide any additional information. Cybertron City



Apparently Carlos wants to be the next Ricardo Montalbán.

Carlos is along with Rad and Alexis, watching the four ships set sail to build a new space bridge.

Dreamwave comics continuity[]


I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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  • According to the now-defunct TV Tokyo Micron Legend website, Carlos was 12 years old at the start of Armada. The page also stated that he is good at sports, loves rap and skateboarding, and has been friends with Rad since kindergarten.
  • According to the Reader's Digest Transformers Armada Official Guidebook, Carlos was ten years old at the start of Armada. It also specified that he enjoyed hip-hop, and that while he was not a great student, he was an excellent mechanic. Although this particular bit of his character didn't make it into the animated series, it was an important part of his role in the Dreamwave comics.
  • When startled, Carlos yells "Holy frijoles!"