A car thief tries to steal cars, only for them to be Cybertronians.


It is nighttime on the streets of Crown City. A car-stealing ne'er-do-well tries to open some cars before sighting a rather nice-looking sports car with the windows open. When the thief tries to start the ignition, he gets electrified as the force of the door opening pushes him back.

Later, the thief has the gall to try his luck with a stationary police truck. After he opens the door, it suddenly snaps into his right hand as the truck drags him along, sirens and lights blaring. After getting a cast on the affected hand, the thief comes back to try to pinch an exotic car. After getting in, the car buckles up the thief and sends him on a fast ride, which includes being driven upside down under a bridge and getting thrown out.

The thief then gets a cast and crutch for his right foot, yet he does not give up. He manages to find a normal compact car and gets in, only to have it get eaten by Underbite. After falling out of the car just before Underbite is done, the thief waves a symbolic white flag of defeat.


Autobots (cameos, vehicle modes only)


  • Car Thief

Decepticons (cameo)


  • The Autobots did not seem to mind when they harmed the car thief, since their rules include not harming humans. It is possible, however, that they were each annoyed with the car thief attempting to break into them.
  • The last car the thief tried to steal used the same model as Clampdown's vehicle mode.
  • Since Underbite was shown to be on the loose, this short must take place sometime after the events of "True Colors".
  • This short was originally released on Hasbro's Transformers website.
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