Captain America is a human in the Generation One continuity family.

Captain America

When Captain America throws his mighty shiiiiiiield, all those who chose to oppose his shield must yiiiiiiiiield...

Captain America, real name Steve Rogers, is the superhero leader of the Avengers. A legendary super-soldier, he leads his team with courage and skill, and is willing to make tough decisions in the name of liberty. He obtained his enhanced strength and stamina through an experimental bio-enhancement serum, and carries an extremely durable shield.


New Avengers/Transformers

Captain America, in contact with Director Hill, led the Avengers sent to investigate the conflict between Latveria and Symkaria. Arriving in Latveria, they found a strange domed structure unlike anything found on Earth. Entering it, the Avengers were attacked by the building's defenses and Spider-Man was kidnapped, which upset Wolverine and Luke Cage. Captain America decided to throw some insults their way. The three remaining Avengers were subsequently joined by Ms. Marvel and the Falcon, just in time to encounter a group of Autobots. Unknowingly under the insidious influence of the Psycho-Prism, Captain America ordered his Avengers to attack. Man and Machine, Part One

As the two teams skirmished, Ratchet planted an inhibitor device on Captain America, negating the Prism's effects. As the Avengers stood down, Doctor Doom joined them and vowed to help them defend his homeland against the Decepticons, who had stolen the Psycho-Prison from him. Cap summoned Iron Man and set to attacking the Decepticon Array. The combined efforts of the Avengers and Autobots failed to make a dent in it - until the fortress' walls opened up to reveal a team of Decepticons in mirror response mode! Man and Machine, Part Two

Captain America flew the Avengers' Quinjet into battle with the Decepticons' aerial forces, but soon found himself overwhelmed. With Iron Man's assistance, Cap, Falcon, and Ms. Marvel managed to ground the fliers, but found that their efforts had been in vain when Megatron and Doom annaounced that they had joined forces and taken Ratchet, Prowl, Spider-Man, and Luke Cage hostage, vowing to kill them if their teammates did not surrender. Cap sided with Bumblebee in his willingness to sacrifice the hostages to prevent a Symkarian-Latverian war, but Optimus Prime proposed another solution... Man and Machine, Part Three

Outside the Array, Captain America confronted Megatron with his allies. With the hostages successfully freed and the Psycho-Prism destroyed, the Avengers and Autobots decisively beat the Decepticons, forcing them to flee. Cap received word from S.H.I.E.L.D. that the Symkarians had called off their attack, and departed with Wolverine, Iron Man, and Spider-Man in the Quinjet - which seemed different somehow... Man and Machine, Part Four



  • Captain America (Marvel, 2008)
Captain America transforms into a big, gas-guzzling, All-American Humvee.

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