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A representative Canadian landscape? (Not shown: milk in a bag.)

Canada is like the United States of America, but bigger, politer, better and health care-ier. In retaliation, the United States wears Canada like a cap.

Toronto is Canada's largest city! (Yes, there are cities littered aboot the country!)


Marvel Comics continuity

(Note: Events in italics occurred in UK-exclusive material.)

There are lots of polar bears? Actually, no.

When Ratchet blew up the Ark like a shaken-up bottle of beer, it crashed somewhere in northern Canada. The Ark, not the beer, 'cause that'd be a waste of good beer. But Galvatron survived the crash, and since he's like, a big hoser, he killed a bunch of Canadian army guys. Then Spike Witwicky and Fortress Maximus came and beat him up and tossed him in a lake, and that was pretty much it for Galvatron. The Last Autobot?

Japanese cartoon continuity

The Masterforce Autobot group led by Ginrai first met up with Ranger in the vast Canadian forests and Lightfoot at his father's motor company. Both learned aboot their ability to "God On" with their Transtectors soon after. An Enemy? The Third Godmaster, Ranger

Dreamwave Generation One comics continuity

Lazarus has a secret base there. The Canadian army attacked the Autobots for trying to save them. Prime Directive

They have clone armies...

Unicron Trilogy

Mudflap roams aboot the frozen wastelands like a pale blue force of nature.

Transformers Animated

Canada is very close to Detroit. However, despite what a certain pompous windbag thinks, there are no "international" waters in Lake Erie. Just American and Canadian, yay! The Return of the Headmaster


  • TFcon, the second-largest Transformers convention in the world, is held in Toronto, yay!
  • Transformers Animated episodes air earlier in Canada, yay!
  • Transformers Animated toys were released a month sooner. Ha, take that American'ts!
  • The Total sum of the life energies of the Cobra High Command and the personel of Cobra Castle is insufficient to compensate the energy expendature of Megatron travelling from Canada to the Trans-Carpathian Mountains; as he himself told Cobra Commander.

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