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Camshaft is an Autobot from the live-action movie continuity family.

Who is the man that would lack a neck for his brother man?

When you need a planet surveyed, but the conditions are too hostile even for Bumblebee, Camshaft's your bot. He and his team are often the first ones into a dangerous planet. Thanks to his All Spark-enhanced adaptive armor and silent-but-deadly weapons systems, Camshaft is well-equipped to deal with harsh environments and Decepticons alike.


IDW Transformers (2007) comics continuity

Following the defeat of Megatron, Camshaft was part of a small Autobot unit led by Arcee that tracked Starscream, now the leader of the Decepticons, to his base on Mars. The Reign of Starscream #2 Camshaft and the others made short work of the Swindle, Dreadwing, and Payload drones that Thundercracker sent against them, but were unprepared for Thundercracker's sonic weaponry. The shaken Camshaft and Cliffjumper attempted to provide cover for Smokescreen to evacuate the fallen Air Raid, but the massive Decepticon sliced Camshaft in half, killing him. The Reign of Starscream #3

Titan Magazines

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Transformers (2007)

Movie Camshaft toy

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  • Autobot Camshaft (Deluxe, 2008)
Released as part of the AllSpark Power refresh of the live-action movie toyline, Camshaft is a Autobot-aligned redeco of Swindle. Camshaft transforms into a car incredibly similar to but legally distinct from a Chevrolet Cobalt, coloured silver with a black hood and roof (giving him a striking similarity to Generation One Bluestreak's animation model).
During transformation, his Automorphing gimmick flips out his head/chest section on its own from his upper torso. His head can barely move in robot mode, but a modification may be done by the owner to increase its range of motion. His torso also features a spring-loaded cannon that extends when a button on his back is pressed, and the cannon structure itself can be extended from the torso to give a more impressive appearance. This cannon gimmick can also be used in car mode, where it looks like a super-turbo-nitro exhaust pipe.
Because Camshaft is a redeco of Swindle, he has the Decepticon camera-lens style head instead of the usual Autobot drone faceplate head, although in official fiction, he has also been depicted with a single optic lens.


  • The body design is based on the Tricked-Out Car body of the Create-A-Bots. The wine-colored robot-mode parts also give it a feel similar to the Autobot Swindle units, of which Camshaft is a redeco.
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