A Camouflage Shield is a piece of technology in the Cybertron cartoon portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

A Camouflage Shield is a domelike energy field that functions much like a wide-area cloaking device. Rather than rendering something invisible, it projects a false image to those outside of the dome (typically "omitting" the things you don't wish outsiders to see,) while from the perspective of those within the dome, nothing has changed. Such shields can extend for miles both horizontally and vertically and require (relatively) little energy or infrastructure to project.[1]


Cybertron cartoon

Starscream covered an oceanic entrance to Earth's Navel with a Camouflage Shield- which actually served to betray its location when Jetfire happened to notice a boat seeming to vanish when it passed through it.

Shortly after, when Megatron appeared ready to stage a major battle on Earth, Scattorshot erected a Camouflage Shield over the likely battle ground to keep the humans from seeing it. Revelation


  1. It's not clear if the Camouflage Shield Scattorshot erected was being projected by the 3 Autobot refugees on-site or by remote.
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