Callback is a generic Autobot from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
"May fortune smile upon you, mighty adventurer! Call me!"
―Callback wishes his buddy good luck[[Beginning| [src]]]


In Soviet Russia, phone booth changes into Superman!

One of Cybertron's refugees who fled the planet to avoid its certain destruction, Callback eventually took the form of a pay phone along a stretch of lonely desert highway. Fortunately, he had a buddy who placed himself across the road.


Unicron Continuity (Animated)

Actor: Terry Klassen (U.S.), ??? (Japanese)

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After a final conversation, he watched his friend Signal Lancer run off to find his destiny among the stars, wishing him luck in accomplishing his desire. Beginning


  • This character is unnamed in both the original and English versions of Cybertron; To that end, the fan-coined name Callback is used.
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