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All Transformers with animal modes are summoned to battle a being called Tornedron, the little brother of Unicron.

Call of the Primitives is the twenty-sixth episode of the third season of The Transformers and is the ninety-first episode in The Transformers series overall. It is overall the ninety-first episode of the G1 Era of Transformers.

Detailed synopsis[]


Having your energy drained changes your paint job.

Somewhere, an energy creature begins feeding off other forms of energy--slowly, at first. Then his creator gives him an Energon cube. The creature grows and spreads out into the universe. Soon, it attacks Cybertron. The Autobots attack it, but it simply drains their energy from them. The creature's creator is pleased with him, saying he's done better than his predecessor, Unicron.


Sorry, I ejected too soon

On Earth's Moon, Rodimus Prime is leading a group of Autobots against the Decepticons. However, the Dinobots, Predacons, Terrorcons, Sky Lynx, Trypticon, and the animal-form Mini-Cassettes are all summoned by a mysterious voice. They leave the battle, and Galvatron orders a retreat. Suddenly, the energy creature arrives and drains the energy from both the Autobots and Decepticons (including Rodimus Prime and Galvatron), as well as Earth and the Moon.

Most of the departed Transformers are riding Trypticon. Naturally, tempers flare after Headstrong picks a fight with the Dinobots by insulting Grimlock, so Sludge suggests they stomp him. The Preds stick with their teammate and fight the Dinobots, and the Terrorcons decide to fight everyone. At Sky Lynx's suggestion, Trypticon shakes himself and causes his passengers to stop fighting. They arrive on an ancient planet near the center of the galaxy. After touching down, Sky Lynx assumes command of the group, despite the objections of Razorclaw and Hun-Gurrr. Finding a cave, they encounter a strange entity. He explains that he summoned the Primitives, all animal-based Transformers, to come to fight Tornedron, the energy being who was created by Primacron. The entity, who was once Primacron's assistant, explains how Primacron created Unicron but was nearly destroyed by his creation. After Unicron's defeat, Primacron created Tornedron as a replacement. Primacron's assistant hopes that the Primitives' simple instincts will allow them to defeat Primacon's complex plans.



Suddenly, Tornedron arrives and drains Trypticon of his energy. Trypticon crashes, and Grimlock is believed destroyed. Sky Lynx attacks, only to have his energy drained as well. Slag leads the Dinobots in retreat, while the other Primitives split up, believing that Tornedron can't track them all down if they are all separated. Unfortunately, Tornedron separates into four parts to track them down. He easily dispatches the Mini-Cassettes, chewing on Ratbat in the process. Headstrong declares that it would be better to fight and die, and the Predacons form Predaking. Their energy is sucked away as well. The Terrorcons try to fight back, but are also drained. The Dinobots ambush Tornedron, but they too are dispatched. Unknown to Tornedron and Primacron, however, Grimlock has survived, and he follows them.


Two scoops of raisins

At his base, Primacron is having trouble controlling Tornedron. Tornedron declares that he intends to feed on Primacron, and that all of Primacron's failsafes have failed. Grimlock breaks into Primacron's lab to find that Primacron is a tiny little alien thing. Grimlock orders Primacron to reverse his damage, but Primacron declares that he's tried everything. Grimlock fixes things easily: He throws the reverse switch, which reverses Tornedron's energy polarity, restoring the energy to the drained Transformers and planets. In celebration, Grimlock destroys Primacron's lab(much to the latter's dismay and annoyances), declaring it the smartest thing he's ever done.


Original airdate: 18th of November, 1986

Production number: # 700-112

Written by: Donald F. Glut

Featured Characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others

Notable quotes[]

(Tornedron is closing in on Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Soundwave)
Soundwave: "Trouble detected."
Galvatron: "Fear not! It's probably a useless Autobot weapon!"
(Tornedron overtakes them and begins rapidly draining them of their energy)
Galvatron: "Arggh!! Arrrrrr!!!"
Soundwave: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"
Cyclonus: "Uhhhhhhhh...."
(Tornedron moves on, leaving the three Decepticons lifelessly drifting through space)

"Now remember, before you do anything, think, 'Is this what Sky Lynx would do in my position?', and you will not go far wrong."

Sky Lynx's sensible instructions to the rest of the Primitives.

"I have summoned you here to tell you a tale from long ago."
"Oh, me Grimlock love long ago tales!"
"Then allow me to tell it."

—The Oracle slaps Grimlock into place.

"Suffer my rage, monster! I will show you no mercy! You will rue the day you crossed Sky—aaahhh!"

Sky Lynx's righteous fury at the deaths of Trypticon and Grimlock.

Headstrong: Sky Lynx is destroyed! Who will lead us now?
Slag: I Slag lead Dinobots away till I get better idea.
Hun-Gurrr: Best idea yet! We run too!

—Strategy is not their strong suit.

Headstrong: I detest fleeing, I would rather die fighting!
Razorclaw: He is right! Predacons, unite!
(The Predacons combine.)
Predaking: Tornedron... face Predaking! To the end!

—The Predacons decide that it is better to fight and die than live with the knowledge that they ran.

"Only you can save the world now, Grimlock."
"Me Grimlock feel important!"

—The Oracle rests the fate of, erm, the universe, on Grimlock's shoulders. Boy, this is going to be interesting.

"You stupid--!"
"Why you call Grimlock stupid?"
"You've ruined my lab!"
"Me Grimlock think is smartest thing me Grimlock ever do!"

Primacron's reaction to Grimlock's celebratory destruction of his lab.

Other Notes[]


Where am I from?

  • The art style in this episode is very different from all others in the Generation One series, with stylized "anime-like" character models and proportions that's very reminiscent to that of The Transformers: The Movie. In fact, the character models for this episode are based on the Studio Ox designs rather than the standard animation models used for the other episodes of the series. It is widely believed that this lone episode was animated by Tokyo Movie Shinsha, though little evidence has been found to confirm this.
  • In Japanese continuity, the scene where the Primitives encounter the Oracle is set in the past; apparently, the Primitives arrived there via time travel. This is done to accommodate the idea that the Oracle later evolved into Vector Sigma and later Primus. Yeah, gotta love the Japanese.

Animation and/or technical glitches[]

  • When the Dinobots are being summoned, Sludge is referred to as Sweep. Actually, according to the script, Sweep 6 is given a line indicating he can hear the call too, after the Oracle calls for Sweep. The line is Sweep #6: "It's coming -- from "up there"!" This would seem to indicate that Donald F. Glut indeed intended to mention Sweep, omitted Sludge's name by mistake, and actually considered the Sweep to be a "primitive" (perhaps due to most of the Sweeps being recycled Insecticons). It is highly unlikely that the writer, who wrote a large number of Dinobot-related episodes, would mistakenly call Sludge "Sweep". When the line "It's coming from up there!" is uttered in the cartoon, even though the camera is focused on Swoop, it's not Swoop's voice, nor any other Dinobot's. The voice matches Sweep 6's voice from the earlier identifying line. Additionally, when Galvatron chases after his deserters, only Cyclonus and Soundwave remain with him.

Continuity errors[]


We're ready for our big scene-they what?


Yo, Kup! I just got better!

  • When summoning the Primitives, they forgot all about the Insecticons, and the cassettes Laserbeak and Buzzsaw! Instead, Soundwave unleashes two new cassette Decepticons: Slugfest and Overkill - who are then never seen again. Gee. This didn't stop TV Magazine from proudly displaying them as if they were the stars of the episode though.
  • What Insecticons? Most of them were turned into Sweeps! Hey, maybe that's why Oracle called for Sweep...
  • Windcharger is seen running around on Cybertron, despite having been destroyed in The Transformers: The Movie. But hey, that happens all the time.

Transformers references[]

  • This episode marks the last appearance of the Dinobots, Trypticon, Ravage, and Jazz in the western cartoon. Bummer. Especially since Jazz hasn't had a bigger part after the movie.

Real-world references[]

  • Star Wars sound effects:
    • Millennium Falcon engine burst as Trypticon launches into the moon battle, then again as Sky Lynx takes off to answer the call.
    • Death Star superlaser as Galvatron & co. take off after Trypticon.
    • Lightsaber ignition as Tornedron takes off from Earth.
    • Seeker ball bolts as Tornedron starts his attack on Trypticon.
    • TIE Fighter roar from Swoop as the Dinobots flee.
    • Lightsabers slashing equipment and sparking as Tornedron takes down the cassette crew, and as he approaches the Terrorcons and Dinobots.



Me Grimlock like Predacons and Terrorcons Cajun style

  • This episode is known for having a VERY rushed ending, as we never see the rest of the Soundwave and his Kasets, Blaster and his Kasets, Galvatron, Cyclones, Sky Lynx, Scorge or anybody else of that matter get their energy restored of their energy was taken by Tornedron, what makes this senaery even worst is that in the western cartoon, this episode is Ravage last appearance, and he was last seen with his energy drain by Tornedon.
  • Unicron's origin is a bit, well, random, especially considering the demi-god nature of the character depicted in the contemporaneous Marvel UK comics. That god-style origin would carry over into the Marvel US comics in 1989, and later media would use it almost exclusively, quietly ignoring poor Primacron.
  • When Grimlock uses his flame breath on the Predacons and Terrorcons, they start to cough - because that's what you do when you're being hit with fire reaching several hundred degrees.
  • This episode seems to resolidify the Dinobots' position as freakishly powerful (which took a beating in Season 3), as Grimlock alone seems to be a match for three Terrorcons and two Predacons, and the only Autobot sent flying is Swoop (ironic), who takes a blast to the chest early on. Also, the Dinobots seem to handle Tornedron with the most finesse.
  • Neither the Sharkticons, the Allicons or the Lipoles joined the Primitives.
  • This episode marks the first, last and very brief appearance of Overkill and Slugfest.
  • This episode mainly takes place amongst Transformers with animal alternate modes. A further series also focuses on Transformers with animal alternate modes.


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