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California is a part of the United States, located south of Oregon. It is home to the unfortunate city of San Francisco, which usually suffers massive damage at the hands of the Transformers.


Generation One

Cartoon continuity

When Daniel Witwicky and Grimlock wandered off from a diplomatic event the Autobots were hosting, they found themselves in a room which transported them from Cybertron to Menonia. Upon discovering the strange environment that they were in, Grimlock speculated that they were in California. Daniel pointed out that California, while strange, was not that strange. Madman's Paradise

Dreamwave comic continuity

DW devastator

The 1906 quake's got NOTHING on Devastator.

Megatron had secreted Devastator in the San Francisco Bay years ago, and reactivated him to distract the Autobots while his metal virus cyberformed Earth. San Francisco suffered heavy damage from Devastator, and then even MORE damage when, after Optimus Prime defeated Devastator, the rest of the Decepticons arrived and another fight broke out. In the end General Hallo tried to nuke the city to wipe out the Transformers, but Superion detonated the warhead over the ocean. While San Francisco wasn't vaporized, it WAS hit with a tidal wave caused by the explosion, causing further damage to the already ruined city. Apparently, Pat Lee doesn't like San Francisco.

Movie continuity family

The city of Tranquility appears to be located in the northern part of California.[1] It does not nearly suffer as much as San Francisco, however.

Titan Magazines

Following the liberation of America, San Diego was chosen as the site for a defensive naval build-up. This led to attacks by Decepticon drones that Ironhide and Longarm barely held off. Transformers Comic issue 16


  1. Though most sources leave Tranquility's exact location ambiguous, the Glu Transformers mobile game shows it in northern California, while at least one other source places it in Nevada.

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