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Caliburst is a Decepticon-allied Nebulan Targetmaster from the Generation One continuity family.

"Hi, I'm Caliburst. You may remember me from such films as "Hive Propaganda" and "The Creature From Planet Earth".

Like his binary bonded partner Slugslinger, Caliburst is merely putting on an act and playing the role of the cold and fearless Decepticon warrior he outwardly projects; it's just that he's generally more adept at keeping the mask up because of his former life as an actor. While not a good actor, more the kind to be found in the freezer section next to the other pork products, Caliburst does know the importance of staying in character. Given that he joined the Transformer conflict for the money because there was no one left on Nebulos that could stomach appreciate his "talent", he has an incentive to not screw up.

Slugslinger treats his partner fairly well, mostly due to the direct link between the condition of the Decepticon's backbone infrastructure in combat and the condition of his weaponry.


When paired up with Slugslinger, Caliburst suggested that name for himself because he'd never missed a shot in his life. Slugslinger retorted that was because Caliburst had never fired a shot in his life.

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Generation OneEdit

  • Slugslinger with Caliburst (Targetmaster, 1987)
Caliburst transforms into a gun with single large barrel. Caliburst's transformation, like Blowpipe's, is slightly more involved than many Targetmaster's weapons, his gun barrel is a separate piece that plugs into his back. Once his legs are folded up, the barrel has to be snapped into place where the legs were, the resulting weapon longer than many of the other first year Targetmasters. Caliburst could be placed in either Slugslinger's hands or on top of his vehicle mode.


  • Given that Caliburst was originally an actor, his name probably comes from the Shakespeare character Caliban.

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