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This article is about the Universe Micromaster. For the Generation One Targetmaster gun, see Caliburst.

Caliburn is a Decepticon Micromaster from the Universe war.

Micromaster for micro menial.

Caliburn is a personal attendant of Megazarak, aiding him in the decimation of Cybertron. Though Megazarak doesn't appreciate his gallows humor, but he does acknowledge the Micromaster's unique elemental destructive potential. Caliburn, doubles as his lightning blaster, could discharge 60 kilovolt bursts at his opponents.



"Lightning blaster" mode.

3H Universe comics

Megazarak and Caliburn ferreted out to search for the Oracle, which he believed would give him the location of Base Sigma. Caliburn, having transformed into lightning blaster, destroyed the null shield that was protecting the Oracle's chamber. Shell Game



  • Megazarak with Caliburn (Ultra, 2004)
Caliburn is a redeco of Armada Mini-Con Leader-1, transforming into a Cybertronic moon buggy with two overhead blasters. Caliburn has three official gun modes that allow him to be mounted on Megazarak, with whom he comes in a set as part of a OTFCC 2004 exclusive toy.
His mold is also used by Armada Clench and inspired Cybertron Drill Bit.


  • Caliburn was originally going to be a Nebulan Targetmaster, and had among his proposed names: "Vanquish" and "Destructicon".
  • Though Caliburn's toy is a redeco of Mini-Con Leader-1's toy, the character is a Micromaster in the fiction he appears. He is never referred to as being a Mini-Con. There is no reason to suspect that Mini-Cons even exist in his home universe.
  • The word "Caliburn" is an ancient name for the legendary sword Excalibur.
    • Caliburn might just be an exercise freak-"caliBURN".

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