This article is about the Generation 2 Decepticon. For the Blackthorn comics aliens, see Kalkar.

Calcar is a Decepticon from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The Decepticons’ battle analyst, Calcar is a near-unfeeling machine with flawless memory for military history and tactics. And evil.

Alternate European-market name: Roadraider



Calcar guarded the entrance to Gutcruncher's meeting of the various gangs in the low levels of Axiom Nexus, checking cards to make sure only those invited were allowed in.

Hubcap and Jackpot blew past him in their escape from the meeting, and he was immediately bowled over by a torrent of rushing coolant from a fluid main that had busted during their escape. Gone Too Far


Generation One

G1Calcar toy

If I had feelings, my color scheme would make me cry.

  • Calcar (Trakkon, 1993)
    • Accessories: Gun platform
Calcar transforms into a pink and gray off-road Cabriolet buggy. Like his fellow Trakkon Fearswoop (and the Autobot Lightformers), he comes with an artillery platform that can be mounted on his vehicle mode. The platform has a light-pipe gimmick and gear system that when turned gives the illusion of twin lasers being fired at the target when looked at through the platform’s targeting scope (even though Calcar's gun has only a single gatling-style rotating barrel).
He was sold only in the European and Australasian markets during the “transitional” time between Generation One and Generation 2.

Generation 2

  • Calcar (Trakkon, 1994)
    • Accessories: Gun platform
This release is identical to the first, except sold on a blister card instead of a box.

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